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How to cheat at Saree Styling

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Published on - April 4, 2019

Saree Styling Tips

Gone are days when you had to wear the saree in traditional ways, sarees are redefining Indian essentials, it’s no longer used only for dancing atop the Swiss mountains or for socials functions.

Now back to my mantra “If you can’t style your outfit in three different ways then don’t buy”. I know sarees are difficult on this mantra. In my earlier post on “Double up your formal top” and “Saree with top “, I have shared how we can double up our formal or casual tops with saree to color block and give a unique look.

In this post, I have styled my same saree in two different ways for two different occasions.

The one on the left is style with a cotton silk mustard bell sleeve top with an antique coin necklace. I wore this for a networking event, although the top is a bit bright for a formal event, the soothing colors of saree in blue and white nullified it. Have draped the saree formally here.

The one on right is styled with a white top and fun multicolor neckpiece. I wore this for a pre-Diwali party at a friend’s house. Diwali is mostly about lots of vibrant colors, and wanted to add colors
with makeup, hence purple lips.

Another few ways to style this would be to wear a white collared shirt for work or a red bardot top for some event paired with right accessories. I also think long dastar jacket will look lovely with this.

Now time for the cheat sheet.

  • If you don’t wear sarees too often and have a handful of sarees only (like me) then invest in sarees that are simple, classic small prints or simple border prints.
  • Don’t ever get the matching blouse stitched. Once you get the matching blouse stitched than you will procrastinate in styling it in a different way.
  • If this is your first saree, then opt for soft cotton or linen saree, they are easier to style with collared shirts, cotton or raw silk tops or blousons
  • Read the print on print blog and apply the rules here on combining two prints. So, when styling the saree with a printed top, keep the base color of the top and saree same.
  • The hero of your outfit is the styling, in this case, hence keep your makeup, jewelry, shoes and bag minimalistic.

Have fun saree styling and do share your pictures.

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