Kiran Manral – Guest Post

Below is a short write up by Kiran Manral, about her journey on Body image issues and how she weaves this reality of life to the characters she births in her books. Time and again, I have mentioend that all of us at some point in time have body image issues, its the true strentgh to recognise that and move ahead coming our victorious. #IAMMORETHANBODY

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#365days365outfits – Part 1


What would you expect when an Image consultant gets to execute the idea of a client to showcasing her entire style? Yes, it was a simple suggestion by my client to catalog my own dressing styles of every day to help the clients more,  and bang it hit the right spot!

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Latest grooming trends among men – 2018

men summer

Grooming for men, was such an alien topic a few years back. It was a concept which was restricted to men in the glamour industry. However, now times have changed, men grooming is not a taboo or a frowned upon topic among the new rise of the metrosexual male. So what changed? I remember as young adult watching stars like Amitabh Bachchan only promoting things or doing an advertisement for Ambuja cement. Then came the crop of Shahrukh Khan, he started with the face creams specially designed for men, the 7 signs of aging were not restricted to just women but men as well and now the young heartthrob cricketers like Virat Kohli to Ranvir Singh are promoting grooming products and you see any male from age group 15-45 and they have a range of products that they don’t shy away from. In fact the new crop of YouTubers like Vaibhav (Sherry shroffs husband), Jatin from the style doodler and other male bloggers dont shy away from trying new style garments to facemasks.

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Mamta Kashyap – Vitiligo and Life

No preambles. I have vitiligo. Safed daag. Its an auto immune disorder which results in depigmentation. Loss of skin color in patches on the body. Its not contagious. It won’t spread to anyone who is contact with me.
It first made its appearnace in 2010. Just above my elbow. I was under huge stress. I wanted to marry the love of my life and my parents were not convinced. I wanted to elope. But he didnt want to, he wanted everyone’s blessings. And then this appeared.

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How to cheat at Saree Styling

Gone are days when you had to wear the saree in traditional ways, sarees are redefining Indian essentials, it’s no longer used only for dancing atop the Swiss mountains or for socials fucntions 😉

Now back to my mantra “If you cant style your outfit in three different ways then don’t buy”. I know sarees are difficult on this mantra. In my earlier post on “Double up your formal top” and “Saree with top“, I have shared how we can double up our formal or casual tops with saree to colour block and give a unique look.

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Styling for windy days

In Singapore & Mumbai, windy days are fun and we sort of look forward to it, some respite from the heat and humidity.

So styling for windy days is more like a wish list for styling. However this year we traveled to Austria and Switzerland and the weather was perfect amount of wind and cold, some bad days of rain 😦

In this post, I have kept in mind the regular easily available styles of layers like long jackets, ponchos, heavy cardigan. The fun is in colors and combinations.

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