Coverups for Swimwear


Kaftans for Swimweartest 3
So the swimwear is on , now what… Whether you are enjoying the pool or beach but from the changing room to the pool, do you wear your swimwear and go? NO
Thats where various styles of Coverups come in the picture. You can opt for Shirt dresses, Kaftans and Sarongs.
They up your style game but can also make you look messy if not co ordinated well with the swimwear.
For every type pf swimwear, one requires a different type of coverup. Also keep in mind the location and people around, there is a difference between a pool party and vacation at beach. A pool party might require a more well coordinated coverup with accessories , where as a beach vacation can be a shirt dress thrown over the swimsuit.
I have written blogs on various coverups for various occasions like
There can various occasions, decide your coverup and look based on that.

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