Dresses for Mommy-to-be

Dresses for Mommy-to-be


This is my series post from a mom to mom-to-be.

Pregnancy brings about a lot of change emotionally and physically. Dont let those mood wings and hormones dictate what to wear.


  1. Cape dresses add that pizzaaz to the outfit, at the same time they are very relaxed fit and can be used for all trimester.
  2. Shirt dresses work very well in a hot climate, plus they are loose fit and comfortable for regular use. If the climate get cold, you can use the shirt dress with jeggings and boots.
  3. Wrap dresses are generally made from strecth fabrics and take the shape of the body, thus highlighting th lovely baby bump.
  4.  A line dresses knee length or full length also work very well.
  5. Fabrics play an important role, so keep in mind the weather and climate of where you are and
  6. Invest in dresses that relaxed fit for the for the first and second trimester , and loose fit for the thrid trimester.

  7. Check the fabrics, use weather friendly fabrics. For example for a hot and humid climate use more cottons and bit of blends.

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