Pants for Mommy-to-be

Pants for Mommy-to-be



This is my series post from a mom to mom-to-be.

Pregnancy brings about a lot of change emotionally and physically. Dont let those mood wings and hormones dictate what to wear.

  1. My first tip has to be dont go to stores looking for materinity pants. There are so many variations in pants today lile a pallazo, dhoti pant, jeggings and they all have side zippers or elastic at the waist which is comfortable for the first two trimesters.
  2. Invest in pants that are very comfortable around the waist and are a comfort fit on the legs.
  3. If you like me dont like the thought of materinity pants, than buy trousers that are size bigger. This way you can use them post pregnancy as well šŸ˜‰
  4. Invest in pantsĀ that relaxed fit for the for the first and second trimester , and loose fit for the thrid trimester. Treggings or Jeggings are an exception to this.
  5. Check the fabrics, use weather friendly fabrics. For example for a hot and humid climate use more cottons and bit of blends.

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