Styling Mistake : Black on a hot day

We went on a small holiday to Dubai and this was a rest day. Dolphin shows for the kids and a stroll in the park before lunch.

Now dubai sunlight is great for great photos, plus I look great in black ;-). My mathematical side said “Great Sun + Great Colour = Gorgeous Pictures”, So with this amazing thought in mind, I decided to wear a black  midi dress and made my poor husband also wear a black tee to coordinate. Epic fail….

The pictures I thought have come great but now when i look back at old pictures, am wondering WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING 🙂

My learning from this is , keep the weather and day in mind before deciding the colour to wear.



Black and gold raw silk Jacket

This jacket is part of a very traditonal Anarkali dress and honestly i bought this dress just for the Jacket.  Below are three difefrent waysi have used the jacket.

This is the traditional orginal dress, added a red carnation flower because why not 😉

Next I have used this jacket in my portfolio shoots, you will be able to see this one in lot of my marketing materials. Wanted to go fr a rich elegant Indian feel for my portfolio.


This time I combined my jacket with a leather skirt and traditonal earrings for the IWA event, details here.


This time I chose to wear the jacket with the original anarkali dress it came with.

Black jacket.jpg