How many Reds do you have?


I love red lipstick and i really love the colour red. My afafir with red lipstick started 4 years back and the first red lipstick I bought , have applied the lipstick and removed it. Wearing a bright colour on your face as makeup or on body as clothes, requires a lot of confidence.

Colour is nothing but a projection of your inner personality. Colour is what you feel from the inside. On the days that we feel cheerful, we subconsiciously pick a bright pink. On days you are feeling blue, you will pick up a pale blue or grey .

Colour is like an instant mood lifter, a quick fix for a dull day.

Back to my love for red. It finised a whole case of my first red lipstick before I could get confident to wear red. Red used to give me jitters, it used to make me feel that am i actally this or projecting a fake person, it used to make me look awkward. Than one fine day, i decided that am not going to remove the colour of my lips. It felt so uneasy, but the moment i started looking at those pictures with me in Red lipstick, i was sold. This colour dominates my makeup box. The colour that made me feel awkward, than confident is now my fail safe colour. I have a red for work, a red for party,  a red for every ocassion 🙂



Moods & Message – Third layer

Moods & Message - Third layer

Moods & Message – Third layer

Moods & Message - Third layer

Roland Mouret jacket
1,380 SGD –

Donna Karan jacket
815 SGD –

Alexander Wang jacket
1,560 SGD –

Armani Collezioni quilted jacket
905 SGD –

Navy jacket
99 SGD –

Brown jacket
8.14 SGD –

Grey jacket

Business Formal to Business Casual

Business Formal to Business Casual

River Island mens blue pants
63 SGD –

Corneliani mens coat
875 SGD –

FAY mens plaid jacket
885 SGD –

Steve Madden mens oxford dress shoes
155 SGD –

TW Steel mens brown leather watch
635 SGD –

Mens white watch
470 SGD –

Social Casual V/s Business Casual

Social Casual V/s Business Casual

Brunello Cucinelli mens chino pants
980 SGD –

Hollister Co. mens stretch pants
31 SGD –

Sperry mens boat shoes
155 SGD –

Rockport mens leather dress shoes
140 SGD –

Zachary Prell mens short sleeve shirt
225 SGD –

Banana Republic mens long sleeve shirt
30 SGD –

Social Casual V/s Business Casual

Social Casual V/s Business Casual


Social casual events could be a birthday party, dinner at a friends place, etc… and business casual will be events that you attend with business colleagues, like an after office party or in some cases it can be a friday at work or in more relaxed office environment it could be a regular day at work.
Social events could have a bit of more skin show or fitted garments, becauee its an social event, the impression or image to be created is not of a serious worker but of fun and friendly nature. You can also experiment with bold accessories, shinnier fabrics, colourful contrasts for your outfit styling.
With business causal, although it is casual, it is still a buisness day or a buisness event. Your collegues will be there with you and although it does not mean that you have to be very b=fromally dressed always but conservative dressing works when you are trying to create an image amongst office crowd. Opt for more classic cuts and styles, you can experiment with acessories or few colours to create your own unique personal style.

Personal – Social – Professional Attire for Men

Personal - Social - Professional Attire for Men


Everyone has a different lifestyle, even 2 poeple living in the same house will have a different lifestyle / the type of people they interact with .
But our lifestyles can be boradly classified under three sections.
  • Personal
  • Social
  • Professional

Depending on what we want to project or create a brand for ourselves we should dress accordingly.

Say for someone working in a bank / consulting firm where their role is more client facing, it is advisable to follow the Business formal wear guidelines, in this case if you wear denims / chinos and polo tee, you will be perceived as boyish or soemone who cannot be trusted with too much responsibilty.

The basic idea is we should seperate our Personal – Social – Professional attire, a bit of overlapping or mixing clothes is all right but if we dress the same everywhere than we are not projecting the right appropriate image.

Your own Image has various nuances to it, being appropriate to where you are going is one of the important aspects of dressing up.

When you audit your closet , seperate your outfits / clothes in these broad sections ans than evaluate what you have and what us missing for you to create an appropriate image for yourself.