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Print on print simply put means combining two prints together.

Now although this is a big trend from past couple of years, it has always been existent from yesteryear of fashion days. Especially if you look at various Indian sarees, like Bandhani, Patola, Ikkat, print on print has been practiced as a pattern since ages.

So we will decode the beginners print on print pointers to be kept in mind.

1. Either keep the color family same or print family same. Example: you have a navy and white floral pants and you can combine them with Navy white polka dot print or say a mustard and pink same floral print.

2. The hero of your outfit or the focal point here is the print on print combination, hence keep your accessories and makeup as simple as you can.

3. As a beginner to this trend, use small to medium prints. The size is forgivable if at all you go wrong and small to medium prints flatters of body frame and sizes.

4. Print on print can be applied to clothes with accessories (and makeup if you want to) as well.


Below are my three pictures :

  1. In this look, I have paired Black Grey White, small woven print jacket with the blackish / Navy & white striped Dress. Have kept the base color of white and black the same so it’s not too contrasting.
  2. The second outfit has Blue and white polka dot pants (which sadly can’t be seen in the picture) and paired it with a classic tile print jacket in Blue and white again.
  3. In the third outfit, I have paired diagonal striped black
    and white skirt with Black and white polka dot top.





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Jainee Gandhi is an accomplished and acclaimed senior Image consultant who operates under her firm Imagedge Academy. Head hunter to head turner… A classy personal shopper… Bringing Indian wear back to corporates… One of the very few Senior Certified Image Professionals in Asia… A celebrated and highly featured Image coach… Mentor for budding Image consultants… There are many phrases that have been used to describe her work in the last half a decade… But what she really is, is a person who has a passion to get every individual portray their best authentic image – with a focus on appearance – for more often than not there is nothing more powerful than the impression of the first look. Her motto is “Refuse to be unseen”. Jainee believes in a holistic way of Image makeover for her clients and image professionals. She believes that “Style has to be inclusive of all age, size, color, restrictions of any sorts will limit clients in a box and not let them explore their true worth.” She has established a few offerings in this space, The Indie Attire, Master Class for Image Consultants,– a unique blog to simplify styling.

One thought on “Print on Print

  1. Wow, this tips are really helpful, I’m also planning to make a post on print on print, your outfit look really great, nice post


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