#365days365outfits – Part 1


What would you expect when an Image consultant gets to execute the idea of a client to showcasing her entire style? Yes, it was a simple suggestion by my client to catalog my own dressing styles of every day to help the clients more,  and bang it hit the right spot!

I always loved dressing up, since as long as I can remember. When I was in class 7, I wanted to have this pink frilly frock for a family wedding which my mother refused to buy for me. I skipped my lunch every day till my dad went out to buy me that PINK DRESS. That kind of total madness then slowly graduated to sensible styling. I realized how to effectively channel this madness once I became an image consultant.

Again, contrary to popular belief, as an Image consultant, we don’t buy ‘n’ number of clothes to get that perfect look, but we help to understand the look that suits one perfectly. Like every woman out there, even I used to go out on that shopping spree and would end up buying piles of clothes which I loved at first glance, but never used after.   Being an image consultant, I now wisely invest in the dresses I know will suit me and will not work against me. It is all about shopping smartly. You will realize that you can actually spend less if you invest wisely in clothes and accessories.

Coming back to the concept of 365 days 365 outfits, this is my fourth month into this foray, where I find myself empowering more people as they get to see what I wear every day for every occasion. From a daily workout routine to grocery shopping, to night outs, to clubbing, to those board meetings to a simple casual outing. I have cataloged everything on most occasions big or small.

I wanted to share this journey of mine which began on 1st of Jan 2018.  At just a quarter of the way into the exercise, I am gaining a lot personally as well.

My Lessons:
1. I considered myself to be a perfect wardrobe organizer and that I utilize it perfectly as I know the styles well. Yet, now when I am styling myself, I realize there are many tops and trousers lying in my wardrobe which I love but have not worn for months together. So from April onwards, I have decided to try not repeat an outfit that I have already cataloged, and give my collections which have been lying inside the closet for long a breath of fresh air.

2. The second big self-awareness that came to me was that I am a camera-shy person. Getting those special moments clicked with the family or sharing candid moments with friends is a different thing, but then cataloging yourself from head to toe, to be clicked by someone else makes me nervous and self-conscious. You will find therefore that most of my pictures under the series are within the confinement of the lift. But yes, I am learning to shed this inhibition and hopefully by end of this quarter I will be giving you some amazing pictures. It would be an absolute achievement.

3. I have always loved dressing up and styling, not because it is my forte as an image consultant but because this is what I enjoy. During the days when I am styling myself for the catalogs, I love the part about being unpredictable and doing things differently. But there has also been some self-realization. Things which have been a part of me but I never realized have surfaced; like my absolute love for these two products – A. Mac Kajal which gives me those perfectly defined eyes and stays with me and B. Burtsbee Lipbalm without which I cannot leave my home.

4. There is this wonderful sense of learning which I am able to pass on through this exercise. I learn new ways of combining my garments and accessories to create those different looks and when I post them on social media, my clients, and my followers get to see it and understand styling. The best part is when I don’t post anything for three straight days I get a lot of posts from women who are not even my clients asking where have I been! The whole purpose of getting myself involved with this idea is serving its purpose.

Whenever I write on styling and even in my blog Styling Redefined, I have mentioned that styling is not a single concept confined to clothes. It depends and is based on your age, weight, and body shape. It is something much more. Styling is about you. While a cloth can complement your personality, if you are hiding in those clothes, the entire purpose is lost. You can never choose a style that is not you. If you buy a cloth with an intention of being like someone, then that is the biggest fashion disaster.

In various cultures, it is said that getting dressed is vanity and is not a need and you must focus only on intellect, I beg to disagree. Who doesn’t like dressing up? …  even my three-year-old enjoys it. While I understand you cannot focus your 100% on clothes and styling, what if I help you make that choice and help you invest in styles that brings out you in yourself and makes you comfortable. If I assist you and you are able to make those smart choices, the whole act of dressing up will turn out to be a fun activity rather than some burden on you.

Let us see how the coming month into the 365 days 365 outfit turns out to be. April has been a bit slow but I am cataloging everything as I go along. I am having absolute fun doing it and would like more and more women to join this hashtag #365days365outfits & #365days365outfitscollage and rediscover themselves. For those who are still wondering where to catch up, join me on my Instagram and stay connected.

Happy styling and stay original.





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Jainee Gandhi is an accomplished and acclaimed senior Image consultant who operates under her firm Imagedge Academy. Head hunter to head turner… A classy personal shopper… Bringing Indian wear back to corporates… One of the very few Senior Certified Image Professionals in Asia… A celebrated and highly featured Image coach… Mentor for budding Image consultants… There are many phrases that have been used to describe her work in the last half a decade… But what she really is, is a person who has a passion to get every individual portray their best authentic image – with a focus on appearance – for more often than not there is nothing more powerful than the impression of the first look. Her motto is “Refuse to be unseen”. Jainee believes in a holistic way of Image makeover for her clients and image professionals. She believes that “Style has to be inclusive of all age, size, color, restrictions of any sorts will limit clients in a box and not let them explore their true worth.” She has established a few offerings in this space www.ImagedgeAcademy.com, The Indie Attire, Master Class for Image Consultants, StylingReDefine.com– a unique blog to simplify styling.

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