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In high school, I was voted as “Most Academic”. It wasn’t something I was particularly proud of. Being “Most Academic” was akin to be labeled as nerdy, boring, and lame and who wants that?

I so wanted to be one of the “Popular Girls” in school, sought after and admired by everyone. Or so I thought. Until I started seeing the negative effects and pressures that came with being “popular” in school. You had to be pretty, you had to be skinny, you had to be fair-skinned, you had to wear makeup. I didn’t fit into this category and the more I saw, the more I was put off by it. A lot of these girls in my school were decidedly unhappy beyond the cool persona they projected. Many suffered from eating disorders and made bad decisions to be cool and likeable. I was confused by this world where your looks and outward image was given more importance than how you are on the inside. I didn’t want any part of it and stuck to my close friends in high school, secure in myself as a person but filled with those adolescent doubts and uncertainties of how others beyond my inner circle viewed me. School can be a harsh place for early life lessons.

College opened up a whole new world for me. Here was a place teeming with intellectuals who drew admiration from people and where smarts attracted others just as much as looks. Nobody was really judging me on my exterior self – I wasn’t a boring nerd or geek or a pretty, popular girl. I was just me, Richa, and people for the most part didn’t put labels on me one way or another. It was eye-opening for me. Over the years, beyond college and into adult life, I have come to learn that media and certain people or societies will try to put a certain pressure on how you should look. But ultimately, I have made the biggest strides and the deepest friendships in my life when I had been confident in my own skin and not agonizing over my body image and physical self. Of course, I have my “fat days” where I will spiral into self-criticism mode. “Oh, my tummy looks too jiggly, my arms too flabby, I wish I had a leaner body”. But I remind myself of two things:

  1. If something is really bothering you, stop whining and do something about it!
  2. This is probably all in my head and I don’t have the time for self-doubt or insecurity. This isn’t high school anymore!

I’ve learned that indeed it’s about who you are inside as a person that will get you far in life and keep you happy. I am always drawn to people who exude confidence, are interesting people with warm, positive vibes, and a strong sense of self. I’d like to believe that people are drawn to me for the same reasons. So go ahead, be yourself and own it! #IAmMoreThanMyBody


Blurb about me: Richa is a Singapore-based fashionista and content creator behind Urban Mantra, a blog which chronicles her everyday wearable style and reflections on motherhood with two active young boys. Between her blogging pursuits and a full-time job as a pharma executive, Richa likes to take time out to travel and explore unique locales.


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Jainee Gandhi is an accomplished and acclaimed senior Image consultant who operates under her firm Imagedge Academy. Head hunter to head turner… A classy personal shopper… Bringing Indian wear back to corporates… One of the very few Senior Certified Image Professionals in Asia… A celebrated and highly featured Image coach… Mentor for budding Image consultants… There are many phrases that have been used to describe her work in the last half a decade… But what she really is, is a person who has a passion to get every individual portray their best authentic image – with a focus on appearance – for more often than not there is nothing more powerful than the impression of the first look. Her motto is “Refuse to be unseen”. Jainee believes in a holistic way of Image makeover for her clients and image professionals. She believes that “Style has to be inclusive of all age, size, color, restrictions of any sorts will limit clients in a box and not let them explore their true worth.” She has established a few offerings in this space, The Indie Attire, Master Class for Image Consultants,– a unique blog to simplify styling.

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