You are Decluttering, but then what?

If you are a fairly good user of Instagram or you love Netflix then you know the queen of Decluttering – Marie Kondo launched her Netflix original “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”.

Now this series is not just popular in one part of the world, but it has taken Netflix like a storm. I see so many of my acquaintances and friends take the “Does it spark joy’ challenge. People are decluttering their wardrobes like there is no tomorrow. I know a friend who has decluttered 50% of her wardrobe. So all this is good on paper and I am genuinely happy for people who are taking up this challenge. Clutter in wardrobe not only affects your wardrobe space but, in general, affects your mood. A clean wardrobe, a clean space virtual or real will give you happiness.

The question is “WHAT NEXT”. You have decluttered your wardrobe, space is free and this also means buying new things.

So as Important decluttering is, It is equally important to be mindful of what you fill your wardrobes with. Being conscious of what you are buying, why you are buying is the base of everything we hoard. In today’s world, clothing of every price range is easily accessible, brands that used to launch clothes seasonally are now launching each week, and to have the latest trend/style is the mantra of life.

Today we are going to talk about conscious shopping/stocking up our wardrobes.

What do you think is the basis of what we buy?

Three most important factor that every one counters knowingly / unknowingly is

1. Does it suit me?
2. Do I like it?
3. Where will I wear it?

So it basically means that we are talking about how the items work for my body shape & frame, is this item my personal style and what occasions will I wear it or does it suit my lifestyle.

So as I mentioned, not necessary that you are consciously asking/thinking the above questions, but it is a good practice to start thinking about the points before you shop.

Let’s start Step by Step

1. Know your body shape – There is so much content available on this topic, my blog also has a lot of content on how to identify your body shape, and what items will work for your every shape. However, do remember that the body shapes that everyone talks about are stereotypical. Not necessary that you fall under any category. The human body is so uniquely different and we have to understand the basics but dress for our own shape.

HIGHLIGHT WHAT YOU LIKE & CAMOUFLAGE WHAT YOU DONT – the only mantra you need to remember when buying clothes, accessories or makeup.

Do not buy that bodycon dress if you have a protruding tummy, you are just putting yourself in a low self-esteem position for future.


2. Know your lifestyle – Even two people staying under the same roof have different lifestyles. Lifestyle means every single activity that you are involved in during the day/week/month. If you are a stay at home mother, who loves to have girls night out every week, who goes to school to volunteer than undoubtedly your requirement for a matched suit will be less. You love matched suits than buy the fun ones and not the formal striped ones.

So lifestyle is knowing how your daily events are placed, and your wardrobe has to work for every such event in your life. You cannot be shopping for every new girls night out 🙂

3. Know your personal style – This is will take a bit of introspecting your wardrobe and yourself. Do you know your personal style or you buy just because it’s in trend or a friend suggested it? Knowing what you like, what gives you that extra edge in mind when you wear it, is the half the battle won. Personal style has deep rooted meaning but the basis of that is what kind of a dresser are you. Are you Classic, fun and flirty, dramatic, elegant, boho, or a mix of 2, the key is to know who you are and what you want to project.

As you can see from my pictures, I am a classic dramatic dresser. I love my pieces and style to be simple but yet have an element of drama to it.


You can watch the below three videos on Wardrobe woes to help you sort out wardrobe and fill them consciously.

Wardrobe Woes – part 1

Wardrobe Woes – part 2

Wardrobe Woes – part 3



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Jainee Gandhi is an accomplished and acclaimed senior Image consultant who operates under her firm Imagedge Academy. Head hunter to head turner… A classy personal shopper… Bringing Indian wear back to corporates… One of the very few Senior Certified Image Professionals in Asia… A celebrated and highly featured Image coach… Mentor for budding Image consultants… There are many phrases that have been used to describe her work in the last half a decade… But what she really is, is a person who has a passion to get every individual portray their best authentic image – with a focus on appearance – for more often than not there is nothing more powerful than the impression of the first look. Her motto is “Refuse to be unseen”. Jainee believes in a holistic way of Image makeover for her clients and image professionals. She believes that “Style has to be inclusive of all age, size, color, restrictions of any sorts will limit clients in a box and not let them explore their true worth.” She has established a few offerings in this space, The Indie Attire, Master Class for Image Consultants,– a unique blog to simplify styling.

2 thoughts on “You are Decluttering, but then what?

  1. While it’s a post for women, there are so many things that men can learn from and trust me, this breed is not free from complications…hehe I may be an exception for normally things that I need but there are days when am on a buying free, getting things that don’t really need. Enjoy reading this post 🙂


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