Skirt it up – Quick tips to wear skirts for any body frame


I have been wearing a lot of skirts these days and realised that skirt is the most versatile piece in a wardrobe.

1. It gives the flexibility of a separate meaning I can mix and match it with various tops without the heartbreak of a pant.
2. A skirt is also easy to find. Unlike pants, skirts don’t take ages to get the right fit.
3. It’s easy to dress up or down with a skirt.

The most important reason why you should invest in a skirt is everyone/every bodyshape/ every body frame can wear all types of skirts once the styling is done right.

I am going to primarily start with 2 basic shapes of skirts.

A-Line – Any skirt with gives a silhouette of fit at the waist and flare later. So it could A-line skirts & fit and flare skirts.

Straight means the silhouette is a straight line. These are pencil skirts and for the sake of explanation, I am going to include bodycon/fitted skirts as well here.

If you go to my know your shape description, you will know what your body shape is and I have shared what kind of skirt each body shape can wear.

In this blog, I am breaking it down very simply to waist / midriff and hips and not just based on body shape.

Heavy Hips + flat midriff 
1. A line skirts camouflage the heavy lower body. The best way to wear an A-line skirt is to tuck your top in and create an illusion of a small waist.

2. For heavy lower body, when wearing a straight fit skirt makes you conscious of it, then don’t tuck in the tops, let the top loose and use a belt over the top to create a waist.

3. Try uneven hemlines so that the attention goes away from the heavier lower body to the clothing silhouette.

4. If you have heavier outer thighs than avoiding hosiery or spandex as fabric and prefer fabrics like cotton, cotton blend, linen, Khakhi and such fabrics that don’t stick to the body.

img_0364 2

Protruding Stomach + Petite Hips

1. No matter what your shape or size is A-line skirt work well with everyone.
If you have a midriff, then don’t tight tuck the top with the skirt.

2. It’s a myth that Straight fits skirts are only for women with petite body frame. In fact, I think straight fit skirts work fantastic for women with heavy midriff. Wear a loose tunic or blouse with a straight fit skirt and don’t tuck in.

3. Whether its straight fit or A-line, keep the waistline empty and simple

4. Wear skirts that are at least knee length to give an illusion of length in the body.

5. Avoid fancy belts, gathered waist skirts or any skirts with a cinched waist. Also, avoid any type of design detail around the waist.

6. Wear fabrics that flow over the body and don’t cling or stick out to the body. So opt for fabrics like poly cotton, Polyester with elastane, soft cotton and avoid fabrics like hosiery.

Heavy Hips + Protruding Stomach

1. A line skirts are the easiest to be worn by all, irrespective if you have heavy hips / heavy midriff. Give a mild tuck into your tops with A-Line skirt

2. Wear straight fit skirts while leaving the top loose and flowy.

3. Avoid wearing heavy fabrics in skirts/tops. Let the fabric flow over your body

4. Invest in skirts that are straight cut in style, prefer design patterns that are small to medium sized with narrow spacing.

Have fun with your skirts.


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Jainee Gandhi is an accomplished and acclaimed senior Image consultant who operates under her firm Imagedge Academy. Head hunter to head turner… A classy personal shopper… Bringing Indian wear back to corporates… One of the very few Senior Certified Image Professionals in Asia… A celebrated and highly featured Image coach… Mentor for budding Image consultants… There are many phrases that have been used to describe her work in the last half a decade… But what she really is, is a person who has a passion to get every individual portray their best authentic image – with a focus on appearance – for more often than not there is nothing more powerful than the impression of the first look. Her motto is “Refuse to be unseen”. Jainee believes in a holistic way of Image makeover for her clients and image professionals. She believes that “Style has to be inclusive of all age, size, color, restrictions of any sorts will limit clients in a box and not let them explore their true worth.” She has established a few offerings in this space, The Indie Attire, Master Class for Image Consultants,– a unique blog to simplify styling.

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