Lingerie 101 – Part 1 – My top tips on how to buy the right Lingerie

8 out of 10 women
are wearing the wrong bra size

Let’s start by a simple rule, “Anything that touches your skin directly has to be the best quality that you can afford”.
So save on that top, but never ever looks for cheap lingerie.

I have got a lot of request on my Instagram account to do a 101 for lingerie. I have divided this in two parts.

Part 1 – My top tips on how to buy the right kind
Part 2 – How to choose the right lingerie for the outfit.

Let starts with how to buy. There are various types of Bras and underpants but the most basic of them is T-shirt Bras & seamless panties.

T-shirt bras are basically seamless bras. I would advice wired bras, it’s a myth that wired bras hurt. Bras that don’t fit well those HURT. It has nothing to do wired or not. If for some reason you are not comfortable with wired bras than various brands have wireless bras with predefined cups.



Change is constant, even when it comes to Bra. Always get yourself measured. Our bodies change, hence its advisable to get yourself measured every time you go bra shopping.

Also Like clothes, even here from brand to brand and style, the measurement changes. Measure your underbust and fuller part of your bust. When you are trying bras at a store, wear a top over it. A white cotton top is good. This will give you a feel of how your bra looks actually. If you are buying a wired bra, also sit for a few seconds, this will help you to know whether the wires poke you or not.

Strapless bras are good if you have sloping shoulders and as I mentioned earlier, Bras that don’t fit well those HURT.

Below is a list of basic undergarments that you should have in your wardrobe.

1-2 Skin color t-shirt bras
1-2 Black t-shirt bras
1 Skin color strapless bras
1 black strapless bras
1-2 sports bras
2-3 hipsters/boy shorts
5-7 Seamless Panties

When we say Nude bras, it means your skin color. The world sells beige. light brown as basic nude bras. the picture below is from @marks&spencer, and it depicts what actually is a nude bra. So YOUR skin color around the chest area is your nude bra color

It’s a myth that one should wear a white bra with a white top. In most cases, at least Asia, we are warm toned hence our skin color bra is advisable then white.

If you are heavy busted and feel the weight of your breast, than thick straps full coverage bras are available, and that is a good support bra.


Always hand wash your bras, the washing machine will spoil the fit. And a good bra will last at least 2 years. When the straps start falling or bra starts hurting, adjust the straps and see or its time to buy a new bra.

When it comes to Panties, there are not many rules expect to buy seamless panties. Seamless panties will come in blend fabrics mostly so if that fabric feels too hot, then opt for seamless panties when wearing fitted pants, skirts/dresses.

I conduct group workshops on this and also go lingerie shopping with my clients. You can connect with me for more details.

You can read “Part 2 – How to choose the right lingerie for the outfit” here.

All Images are from Spanx or Marks&Spencer.

If you are in India, then my absolute favourite place for sports bra is Panache and you can read the review here.


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