Quick Tip – Weekend Casual to Smart Casual – Basic loose dress


Lingerie 101 – Part 1 – My top tips on how to buy the right Lingerie

8 out of 10 women
are wearing the wrong bra size

Let’s start by a simple rule, “Anything that touches your skin directly has to be the best quality that you can afford”.
So save on that top, but never ever looks for cheap lingerie.

I have got a lot of request on my Instagram account to do a 101 for lingerie. I have divided this in two parts.

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Skirt it up – Quick tips to wear skirts for any body frame


I have been wearing a lot of skirts these days and realised that skirt is the most versatile piece in a wardrobe.

1. It gives the flexibility of a separate meaning I can mix and match it with various tops without the heartbreak of a pant.
2. A skirt is also easy to find. Unlike pants, skirts don’t take ages to get the right fit.
3. It’s easy to dress up or down with a skirt.

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You are Decluttering, but then what?

If you are a fairly good user of Instagram or you love Netflix then you know the queen of Decluttering – Marie Kondo launched her Netflix original “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”.

Now this series is not just popular in one part of the world, but it has taken Netflix like a storm. I see so many of my acquaintances and friends take the “Does it spark joy’ challenge. People are decluttering their wardrobes like there is no tomorrow. I know a friend who has decluttered 50% of her wardrobe. So all this is good on paper and I am genuinely happy for people who are taking up this challenge. Clutter in wardrobe not only affects your wardrobe space but, in general, affects your mood. A clean wardrobe, a clean space virtual or real will give you happiness.

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Quick tip How to tame Frizzy hair

Hello guys, a video after a long time. My hair is quiet is frizzy and I have tried so many things but humidity always wins

This combination of Verb leave in mist with verb ghost oil is fabulous.

I have realised that it’s also in pursuit how to use the product and I have finally found a way to tame the frizziness.

Anju Jayram – Focus on Heath not Size



It is difficult to talk about this issue but this is something that every single woman I know has gone through or goes through every single day. Some girlfriends took the obsession to unhealthy places which morphed into bulimia and anorexia but they were happy as they got congratulated for losing weight even though they were not unhealthy to begin with.

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Prerna Sinha – I may not be your kind of pretty


I may not be your kind of pretty

but I am pretty within

pretty smart, pretty wise, pretty nice

pretty, pretty!!

What may not be appealing for you,

may be extremely pretty for me.

Growing up, I had a super dark complexion, which in India is a great disadvantage. I was always a rebel and while I never showed it to anyone, it subconsciously affected my confidence within me. When my grandma said;

Ye to bahut kali hai, kuch karo nahi to shaadi nahi hogi.

(She is too dark, if you don’t do something she will not get married)

Or when the boys I had a crush on did not give me a second glance. Or even when my mom, made me various uptans(scrubs) to brighten my complexion. I did not show it ever, but I sat in front of a mirror every day, hoping and praying that I wish God had made me just two shades lighter. I never wanted a white complexion but a light brown would not be bad.

I felt I had beautiful features but felt that my complexion doused them. Soon I grew up and complexion improved or stopped mattering, I don’t know what happened first. The more confident me felt pretty and then came the attention of the opposite gender.

You would think, good I healed but no, soon I was surrounded by body weight issues. I was always skinny as a kid never had to worry about putting on weight but now I could see metabolism slowing down and those unwanted bulges appearing. Now I was spending time worrying about clothes fittings, trying out fad diets and more.

Broken relationships left me even more confused as to what really went wrong, what am I missing? Am I not pretty or nice? Am I not good enough?

I would see these ordinary looking women project auras which will hold you captive and wonder why they feel so attractive when they are not conventionally pretty? Wonder why I never felt like them. I never understood until I overcame my own insecurities and realised that every person, every woman is pretty if they feel pretty.

Plato believed that real beauty was both a form and sensory experience. It is we who get stuck in the physical form and mess it in our heads for us. We go through life creating a self-image which bothers us forever, always.

Today, when I look at a person, I see beauty in them. Even if you don’t have conventional features, your confidence in your smile, your gait, your talks can just mesmerise others. Yes, physical beauty may stand out but after you meet a person a few times, features, body shape just fades and the intellect, grace with which they carry themselves, their good nature, their love for themselves are the things that make them attractive.

So here is what I have to say in the end, look beyond, there is a pretty you within you, just waiting to be evoked. I am not your kind of pretty, #Iammorethanmybody

Bio: Prerna is the founder, editor and the owner of one of the Top Parenting Blogs in India, Maa Of All Blogs. She wears many hats being a fashion designer by profession, an economics graduate, certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher, have worked in the garment industry for almost a decade and always have a lot to say about everything. She juggles her job as a full-time blogger with her role as a full-time mother while remaining a student of many “self-improvement” courses ranging from Yoga, kickboxing, running etc. Adventure in any form has a magnetic allure for her whether it is climbing Everest base-camp, running the half marathons, walking the arduous 100 km Oxfam walk.