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Bye bye Boring Belts

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Published on - April 10, 2019

Bye bye Boring Belts

Belts are a fun way to glamourise your outfit. Invest in classic belts for your formal requirements and few trend belts in various styles & colours to add that oomph to the outfit.

  • For a Rectangular / Hourglass body shape than belts play an important role to give a faux defined waistline.
  • For a Triangle body shape than wear classic thin or trendy thin belts with pants or medium size belts with dresses.
  • When wearing a trendy belt, just remember that all the attention will go to your wait and that belt, hence if you have a midriff or if you are a Diamond & Round body shape, avoid wearing any trendy belt.
  • If your trousers / denim/skirts have a loop, a belt is required.
  • A belt is an accessory to add a print pattern or color, not a medium to hold on pants.

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