Skirts for Rectangular Body Shape

193640840.jpgRectangular Body Shape have a straight body line, hence the idea is to create a faux waist line. A Pleated , Belted , Peplum type of skirt is a good example to give an illusion of a defined waist. Tucking your tops in the skirt is also a great way to create a waist definition. 

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Pants for Triangular Body Shape


We discussed in Triangular Body Shape , that the main aim for this shape while dressing is to take attention away from lower body i.e. hips & thighs.


  1. The suggested types of trousers are Straight fit pants, Side zipper pants, self print / micro prints pants.
  2. Avoid very fitted pants for large size triangle, if you are a small to medium body size, you can opt for narrow fits.
  3. A pro tip is that if your trosurs have side pockets than, you can get those pockets stiched so that it wont flap out when you wear the trouser.
  4. With this body shape the chances are high that the waist of trouser will be smaller and hip / thigh will be bigger. In this case buy the bigger size and get your waist altered.

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