Coverup for a Pool Party

If Beach vacations are for fun, Pool parties are for chic fun, if that is even a word. For me, Pool parties are tp up the sundowner game ūüôā

As you read in Coverups for Swimwear, there is a number of types of cover-ups like Shirt dresses, Kaftans, Sarongs, that you can choose from.

For a pool party, choose a coverup that looks good on you. You might enter the pool for some time and the rest of the evening is about dinner and drinks by the pool. Choose your accessories with a bling for the evening.

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Different types of (easily available) Swimwear



There are various styles of swimwear for women Р Bikini, Trikini, Burqini, Tankini, Monokini and am sure many more with various stylised version.
– Opt for swimwear which you are most comfortable in.
– Make sure that the swimwear is not too loose nor too tight.
– Select the right cut for your body type
– Select print and pattern in a way that highlight your best features
-Don’t over accessorize.
Read on the below to know what swimwear will suit your body type.

Swimwear – Monokini



Monokini is full one piece swimwear for women. They suit all body shapes & sizes with just few nuances in mind.
РWomen with heavier lower body / Triangle body shape  can opt for boxer style monokini
– Women with heavier upper body / Inverted triangle body / round shape can opt for deep v necks to elongate their upper body
-Women can wear side cut out monokini to give an illusion of a waist curve and this is perfect for a rectangle body shape
There are so many well know brands in the market that sell monokinis with shaping controls, like a shape wear.
Fun Fact from WIKIPEDIA : The¬†monokini, designed by¬†Rudi Gernreich¬†in 1964, consisting of only a brief, close-fitting bottom and two thin straps,¬†was the first women’s¬†topless swimsuit.¬†His revolutionary and controversial design included a bottom that “extended from the midriff to the upper thigh”

Swimwear – Bikini



Bikini is a 2 piece swimwear for women. There are stylised variations to bikini like String Bikini, High Wait Bikini, Bandeau Bikini and many more.

-Brands sell bikini either like your bra sizing or in standard M, L etc.. sizing. Picking the correct size is extremely important.

РBikinis come in varieties and you can choose according to your comfort level,  so always try on a bikini before buying. in the changing room, wear the bikini and sit down, this will give you a clarity of how the bit of the top and bottom is.

– Strapless / bandeau bikini look great but won’t work that well for women with heavy bust /¬†Inverted Triangular Body Shape

-Women with Triangular Body Shape can wear bikini bottom which are like small shorts incase they are not comfortable with the v cut bottom.

РWomen with a mild Midriff variation / diamond body shape / round body shape can opt for high waist bikini bottom and fringe top.

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Swimwear Tankini


In simpler terms, a tankini is a slightly bit conservative version of a bikini ūüôā

– A Tankini is a cross between Bikini and Monokini. This type of swimwear will have a tank top, singlet, vest like top and a bikini bottom.
РTankinis are favorite amongst women with Diamond Body Shape, Round Body Shape,  or any sort of midriff variation.
Rectangular body shape women, can wear tankinis in two blocks of colour to give an illusion of waist.

Swimwear for Rectangle Body Shape



Rectangular Body Shape, have a straight body line. Create a faux waistline with the swimwear silhouette.
1. Wear swimwear that has a predefined waistline.
2. Invest in swimwear that highlights the balanced upper body and lower body, and give an illusion of a waist curve
3. Belted, curved or illusion swimwear works very well for this shape.
4. A bikini works well for this body as it adds some curve to the body.
5. Opt for a block of colors to make the bust and bottom stand out.
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