Mint Luxury Conference 2016


I love going to conferences, its not about networking that is just an added bonus, conferences charge me up, I get to hear so many interesting view points that give me food for thought, get to meet such interesting people.

Mumbai MOM got an Invite to attend the “8th Edition of Mint Luxury Conference -2016” at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. Nidhi could not attend it and she checked if I could cover the event for her. I was literally beaming with joy just looking at the panel list, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Arianna Phillips, Manish Malhotra, the list seemed endless. SO there I was on this lovely Friday morning at Grand Hyatt waiting for an amazing insightful day.

Well to start with , the notepad was also luxurious 😉 Now I am a faux luxury when the likes of Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra sit just right ahead of you.

Some facts that astounded me , that Indian Luxury market is between 16- 20 billion dollars, and by 2020 it is expected to be at 180 billion dollars. Phew that’s too big a number for me to comprehend.

Lovely speakers and what great insight , few snippets

  • Luxury starts with buying materialistic goods but than its experiential.
  • Technology is disrupting the whole experience of buying luxury goods, 49% consumers are buying or checking items online and not even on the brand page
  • We have to combine Luxury market and its offering’s with the Make in India thought.
  • Calvin Klein “To become a global brand – have a vision , have passion, don’t do what every one else does, fight against all negativity”
  • Arianna Philips Hollywood costume designer, stylist to Madonna said “Fashion gives lots of clues to where we are culturally”
  • Our very own Bollywood starlet Katrina kaif said “Clothes can only do so much for you and the rest is you and your personality.” For her a particular brand is not important if the clothes are made ethically.


An honest questions to all panellist was that what does Luxury mean to them.

For Calvin Klein : it was ultimate in quality of product & personal space

For Courtney Love – Luxury is to be comfortable in your skin , unending self esteem

For Donna Karan – Luxury was love, luxury was to be able to spend time with loved ones.


They discussed how luxury can be sustainable, how it is important to included normal size women in the fashion industry and why it is our responsibility as consumers to understand the work at goes behind making a luxury product.

My biggest takeaway was from Manish Malhotra He said that he doesn’t think he is a design genius or great artist , be honest to your work and FOCUS.

All in all a great day , some very fabulously dresses men which is a rare sight in India ;-), and oh I have to add in a comment as an Image Consultant , lady who was master of ceremony at the event wore a lovely silk saree, which is such a fantastic image of a luxurious India.