Mamta Kashyap – Vitiligo and Life

No preambles. I have vitiligo. Safed daag. Its an auto immune disorder which results in depigmentation. Loss of skin color in patches on the body. Its not contagious. It won’t spread to anyone who is contact with me.
It first made its appearnace in 2010. Just above my elbow. I was under huge stress. I wanted to marry the love of my life and my parents were not convinced. I wanted to elope. But he didnt want to, he wanted everyone’s blessings. And then this appeared.

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Styling is very personal to me. There is a difference between following fashion and developing a unique style. All this that you see now is not what I was. People who know me from school/college are amazed by my transformation. It’s not just the external transformation am talking about. I am more me than I ever was and all this happened gradually, the more I accepted myself with all its quirks, the more I accepted my body, the more I fell in love with me, people saw the changes. Continue reading “My Story – I AM MORE THAN MY BODY”