3 Indo Fusion Style Dresses


Indian wear Cluster


People always say that Indian garment is difficult to cluster, am sharing few example of combinations that can be created with Indian kurtas.

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Business Wear


Are you confused while choosing Indian wear at work?

Keep these few pointers in mind while shopping for Indian wear:

  1. Dont shy away from using colours, remeber the rule of 3. Your outfit (including accessories & makeup) should have 3 colours in total. Keep your formal wear kurtas colourful but not too much jazz.
  2. Invest in good fabrics. Gogerette, chiffon and polyester are fun fabrics, mostky used for casual or festive wear. Invest in good muted fabrics like cotton and its blend, khadi, linen, silk blends. They look smart plus with blends you dont have to dry clean them everytime you wear it.
  3. Get a straight structured clothing silhoutte. A straight kurta looks good on all body types. An anarkali will give a casual or a fun feel.
  4. Use cotton / silk churidars or best use pallazo or straight fit pants. Leggings are the worst thing to happen to Indian wear, they take the shape of the body thus not giving a very chic look to the outfit.
  5. Use print and pattern sparingly. Invest in more classic prints like a paisely, ikkat or shibori. If your kurta has pattern all over, than take care the print is small in size plus very narrow spaced.

Am sure these tips will help.


Kurtas for Mom-to-be

Kurtas for Mom-to-be


This is my series post from a mom to mom-to-be.

Pregnancy brings about a lot of change emotionally and physically. Dont let those mood swings and hormones dictate what to wear.

When investing in Kurtas or Tunics :

1. Invest in Kurtas that relaxed fit for the for the first and second trimester , and loose fit for the thrid trimester.

2. Check the fabrics, use weather friendly fabrics. For example for a hot and humid climate use more cottons and bit of blends.

3. Straight fit Knee length kurtas, work very well for work as well for semi formal events

4. Simple kurtas can be used for various ocassions from work to fun

5. Pakistani suits, that is kurtas teamed with loose pants / pallazo are a boon for the third trimester. 

Saree with top 

I draped a saree after 5 odd years and it was not as difficult as it was in my mind 😜

Draped saree in Gujarati style and have worn a corn jacquard top as the blouse.

This was for the change of guard event with FICCI FLO Mumbai.

Saree – Pothys from chennai

Neckpiece – thread peach and red by Gush

– Gold one by Popleys

Bag – Flea Market at Pattaya

Shoes – Nude shoes from Clarks

Indian Business Wear – Saree

Indian Business Wear - Saree


Sarees look so smart at work, and when combined well with business appropriate tops they look glamorous and chic.
Handloom sarees, Cotton sarees, Jute & Khadi sarees work very well at work. These fabrics look rich at the same time all colours will have a muted feel on them.
Mix and match your Indian simple saree with a nice floral / peplum top and you can colour block your saree.