Jackets for Hourglass Body Shape


For Hourglass Body Shape women, have Rounded shoulders, Bust, Hips and thighs with a very narrow waist.

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Jackets for Diamond Body Shape

Diamond Body Shape women have a rounded midriff.

1. Wear jackets that are straight or A-Line, with a regular fit.

2. Opt for softer fabrics that flow over the body.

3. Shoulders are a great way to give some broadness to shoulders but don’t overdo it. Soft shoulder pads look good.

4. Never button up your jacket, it will always emphasize the midriff.

5. The preferred length should be with long till knee or minimum till the mid hip length. Don’t wear short jackets that exactly end at the stomach.

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Jackets for Rectangular Body Shape

194942353.jpgRectangular Body Shape women have a straight body line, hence wear jackets that are belted or have a predefined waistline. Curved silhouette of the jacket, draped style or a peplum style jacket works well with this body.Jackets can have shoulder pads to add some structure to shoulders but don’t go all crazy, let it be soft padding.

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Jackets for Triangular Body Shape



For Triangular Body Shape, the aim to highlight the upper body and camouflage lower body


1. Invest in Structured Jackets, they can be with shoulder pads, or there can be embellishments on the shoulders or some fancy pattern.

2. Keep the design detail near/around the bust.

3. Avoid wearing bolero jackets, as they will end right at the waist and highlight the heavy lower body.

4. Wear regular size Mid-hip length jackets to counter the lower body variation.

5. if you want to wear long jackets, see to it they are not boxy or flared hem, add a nip around the waist to give it a waist.

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Black is not always Business Formal


We always have this myth that a Black Jacket is a Formal piece. However that is not the case, we consider lots of other elements like the Fit, Style, Print, Colour, Fabric, Texture, Pattern and the total look of it.

I have shared 5 easily available types of black jacket in the market and not can be worn to a high level meeting just because it is black.

Top tip to select the perfect Black jacket is that it has to be medium fit, classic style and muted fabric.