Latest grooming trends among men – 2018

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Grooming for men, was such an alien topic a few years back. It was a concept which was restricted to men in the glamour industry. However, now times have changed, men grooming is not a taboo or a frowned upon topic among the new rise of the metrosexual male. So what changed? I remember as young adult watching stars like Amitabh Bachchan only promoting things or doing an advertisement for Ambuja cement. Then came the crop of Shahrukh Khan, he started with the face creams specially designed for men, the 7 signs of aging were not restricted to just women but men as well and now the young heartthrob cricketers like Virat Kohli to Ranvir Singh are promoting grooming products and you see any male from age group 15-45 and they have a range of products that they don’t shy away from. In fact the new crop of YouTubers like Vaibhav (Sherry shroffs husband), Jatin from the style doodler and other male bloggers dont shy away from trying new style garments to facemasks.

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Types of Cufflinks

Cufflinks add a bit of glamour to those boring white and blue shirts ;-), plus they look classy.

Business Formal to Business Casual



As the name suggests, a few changes here and there will change your look from business formal to business casual. here in this post, we are especially talking about how to use your jacket and vest to convert your business formal attire into a business casual attire.

The first grey jacket starting from the left is a business formal jacket, its elements of design are simply chic and neat.

Line – Straight lines
Shape – rectangular and boxy
Pattern – Simple
Texture – Smooth
Colour – Muted
Print / Pattern – Solid / no print pattern
Fit – medium fit

All the elements discussed above makes the piece of garment a formal one, it depends now how you combine your trousers and shirt with it.

The middle blue-green-black cheks jacket can be business formal or casual depending on the type of industry you are in.

Line – Straight lines
Shape – rectangular and boxy
Pattern – Medium size check print
Texture – Smooth
Colour – multiple colors, muted and dull
Print / Pattern – Medium size classic check pattern
Fit – medium fit

In this except for the print, pattern, and color rest, all elements of design are very formal. hence for a nonserious industry like say maybe media v/s a bank this jacket can be business formal or casual.

The third jacket/vest is definitely a business casual. For me, a vest for men is more like an accessory rather than an additional layer of authority.


Social Casual V/s Business Casual



Social casual events could be a birthday party, dinner at a friends place, etc… and business casual will be events that you attend with business colleagues, like an after office party or in some cases it can be a friday at work or in more relaxed office environment it could be a regular day at work.
Social events could have fitted jerseys, add a lot of colour to it, becauee its a social event, the impression or image to be created is not of a serious worker but of fun and friendly nature. You can also experiment with fun shoes.
With business causal, although it is casual, it is still a buisness day or a buisness event. Your collegues will be there with you and although it does not mean that you have to be very formally dressed always but conservative dressing works when you are trying to create an image amongst office crowd. Opt for more classic cuts and styles, you can wear polo tees or half sleeves shirt, or add some quirky print in small size or few colours to create your own unique personal style.


Personal – Social – Professional Attire for Men



Everyone has a different lifestyle, even 2 people living in the same house will have a different lifestyle / the type of people they interact with.

But our lifestyles can be broadly classified into three sections.
Depending on what we want to project or create a brand for ourselves we should dress accordingly.

Say for someone working in a bank / consulting firm where their role is more client facing, it is advisable to follow the Business formal wear guidelines, in this case, if you wear denim/chinos and polo tee, you will be perceived as boyish or someone who cannot be trusted with too much responsibility.

The basic idea is we should separate our Personal – Social – Professional attire, a bit of overlapping or mixing clothes is all right but if we dress the same everywhere then we are not projecting the right appropriate image.

Your own Image has various nuances to it, being appropriate to where you are going is one of the important aspects of dressing up.

When you audit your closet, separate your outfits/clothes in these broad sections and then evaluate what you have and what is missing for you to create an appropriate image for yourself.

Elegant Style for a Formal event

I met this gentleman at the IWA event. Bad on my part to forget his name :-(. It was a charity gala so most of the men were dressed in a three peice formal black / blue suit.

It was so refershing to see him in a tarditonal bandgala , kept the colour black and loved how he combined red pocket square and his red turban.

Look froward to meeting him more and getting more style clicks and style tips for the men reading my blog.