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Ideal Body Shape


Characteristics of a Ideal Body Shape:

  • Small – Medium – Heavy  Thighs and Butt
  • Curved Waist curve
  • Small – Medium – Heavy  Shoulders and Bust

An Ideal body shape can be Small, medium or large body frame, depending on their built and will have a curved waist not narrow like a Hourglass Body Shape

This is an Ideal body shape, and just keep in mind the vertical varations of body and Clothing styles and you are goos to go.

With a weight loss or gain Ideal body shape have tendencies to form another body shape.

Denim – Rectangle Body Shape



A Rectangular Body Shape, has a straight body line, No body curve or waistline, hence the aim is to create a visual faux waistline.
  • Flared types of denim like a bootcut / wide leg with a defined waist will look great for this body type.
  • Belts are a good way, and you can create an illusion of a waist curve with a contrasting belt for your denim.
  • If you are a small to medium body frame, then patterned denim around the hips and bum work well.
  • Invest in Denim that can be worn with tops in a way to give an illusion of a waistline.
  • Mid waisted denim is perfect for all body types, but your body type can also  wear low waisted denim, that create a flow in leg line.

Denim – Triangle Body Shape



Triangular Body Shape women have heavier thighs and hips and narrow upper body.

This is one of the most difficult types of body shape to find denim for, the waist will be smaller than the hips/thighs, hence this constant struggle of whether to buy denim that fits the waist or fits the hips.

Few hardcore tried and tested tips that will make your life easier.

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Denim – Inverted Triangle Body Shape



As discussed in Inverted Triangular Body Shape, the aim it to highlight the lower body.

Few pointers to keep in mind while buying the Denim.

1. Since your lower body is narrower than your body, avoid the skinny fits. The skinny fits will highlight the narrowness of your lower body and in turn, will visually make it seems heavier upper body then it actually is.

2. Have design details highlighting your thighs and hips. Any design detail or the wash or cuts on thighs or hips will widen the lower body.

3. Make boot cut/bell bottom or slightly looser type of denim your best friend. Straight fit should be your second choice for denim. if you are medium to large then you can wear slightly narrow hem.

4. Low rise / Mid-rise / high rise all work well with this body type. As a style tip aways opt for mid-rise, it visually also elongates your body. If you have a midriff or D cup and above bust circumference, then avoid the high rise because that will emphasize on the heavy midriff.

5. Buy lighter colors like a grey or light blue, it will add an illusion of width to your body

6. Don’t buy styles or shapes that styles and shapes that will have have a slimming effect for your lower body.

Tops for Women with Small Bust

Tops for Women with Small Bust


This body variation is most common with small Triangular Body Shape or Tubular Body Shape.
  • Wear tops that add volume to the bust. So a waterfall ruffle or regular ruffles works very well for this. However see to it they start from above the bust.
  • You can also invest in prints that are medium size around the bust area, again for illusion effect.
  • Wear good well fitted lingerie – padded & a push up if you are comfortable.
  • Vnecklines also work every well.
  • Avoid tops that are simple , no pattern or detailing which might enhance the fact of small bust.
  • Avoid Bows that exactly sit on the bust line.