Dresses for Diamond Body Shape

Dresses for Diamond Body Shape


Diamond Body Shape women have a rounded midriff.
Wear dresses that are not too clingy to the body. Whether its straight fit or A line, keep the waist line clean and simple. Uneven hemline and small scale will prints create interest in the outfit. Wear dresses that are at least knee length to in give an illusion of length.
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Diamond Body Shape



Characteristics of a Diamond Body Shape:

  • Narrow Hips, Thighs, and Butt
  • Heavy Waist Line
  • Narrow Shoulders and Bust
  • Rounded Midriff

A Diamond body shape can be small, medium or large body frame, depending on their built and other body variations.

My two rules on Shape

  1. Highlight the fact that upper body and lower body are in the same line.
  2. Camouflage the wider waistline.

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Pants for Diamond Body Shape

Pants for Diamond Body Shape

Diamond Body Shape women have a heavier midriff as compared to their upper and lower body.

They should wear pants that fall straight and no attention to the midriff. So avoid fancy belts or tied pants, pants with clinched elasticated waist should also be avoided.

Wear pants that are flat fronted, no design detail on the waist.

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Tops for Diamond Body Shape

Tops for Diamond Body Shape

Diamond Body Shape women will have a rounded midriff area, hence the tops that you choose should be such that they don’t attract attention to the midriff.

Solid shirts / Blousons, Softer fabric, straight fit, small to medium scale design throughout and not concentrating on just the midriff area are best options.

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