Vlog – How to dress Inverted Triangular body shape


Denim – Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Denim - Inverted Triangle Body Shape


As discussed in Inverted Triangular Body Shape, the aim it to highlight the lower body.

Since this body shape has narrower lower body than upper body, they can experiement with various types of denims and light to dark colours.

Dresses for Inverted Triangular Body Shape

Dresses for Inverted Triangular Body Shape

Inverted Triangular Body Shape women will have heavier upper body as compared to their lower body.

When buying dresses, focus should be on emphasising the waist and lower body. Wear sheath dresses that emphasise on the waist or shift dresses. While picking up patterns and print, should a print that is small to medium in size and throughout the dress.


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Jackets for Inverted Triangular Body Shape

Jackets for Inverted Triangular Body Shape



As discussed , Inverted Triangular Body Shape women will have heavier upper body as compared to their lower body.


The aim while picking up jackets is to reduce volume of the upper body. Opt for jackets that are simple on shoulders, strictly no shoulder pads. Wear jackets which have print or pattern on the hem, to take the focus away from shoulders to the waist curve.

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Inverted Triangular Body Shape



Characteristics of an Inverted Triangular Body Shape:

  • Heavy Bust
  • Broad Shoulders
  • Defined Waist Curve
  • Narrow Hips & Thighs & Butt

An Inverted triangular body shape can be small, medium or large body frame, depending on their built and other body variations.

With a weight loss or gain Inverted triangular body shape have tends to form another body shape.

  • If you have tendency to gain weight on lower body than you can become a Hourglass Body Shape.

My two rules on Shape

  1. Highlight the narrow lower body.
  2. Camouflage the upper body.

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Pants for Inverted Triangular Body Shape


Inverted Triangular body shape will have narrow lower body. The idea is to create a broader look for the lower torso.

Opt for styles that will accentuate your hip, butt & thigh.
1. Invest in Culottes, wide leg pants, palazzo, baggy cotton pants.

2. Buy bottoms with embellishments on the side, print & pattern can be medium size widely spaced.

3. Avoid skinny or fitted pants, as they will highlight the narrowness or lower body.

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Tops for Inverted Triangular Body Shape


As discussed here, Inverted Triangular body shape women have heavier and / broader upper body.


The trick is to use simple clean lines for tops/ shirts/blousons.
1. Invest in straight fits, wrap tops, prints that run along the top and not just highlighting the shoulders/chest.
2. Avoid wearing tops with wide necklines like a scoop neck or boat neck, this will highlight the broadness of shoulders.
3. If you love wearing off-shoulder tops, balance your body with straight/wide leg trouser
4. Cap /Short sleeves on tops will make your upper body look wider, opt for at least 3/4th sleeves.
5. High neck like a Chinese collar or turtleneck needs to be avoided if you have a heavy bust. A shortcut to this is if you wear Chinese collar than leave the few buttons open to create an illusion of V neckline.


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