Vlog – How to dress Rectangular body shape


Denim – Rectangle Body Shape

Denim - Rectangle Body Shape


A Rectangular Body Shape, has a straight body line, No body curve or waistline.
Invest in Denims that can be worn with tops in a way that can give an illusion of a waist line. For Small & Medium body frame of this body shape, finding a denim would not be a difficult task.

Rectangular Body Shape


Characteristics of a Rectangular Body Shape:

  • Average or Heavy Hips, Thighs and Butt
  • No waist curve
  • Average or Heavy Shoulders and Bust
  • Straight Body Line

A Rectangular body shape can be medium or large body frame, depending on their built and other body variations.

With a weight loss or gain Rectangular body shape have tendencies to form another body shape.

My two rules on Shape

  1. Highlight the fact that upper body and lower body are in same line.
  2. Create an illusion of a waist curve.

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