Vlog – How to dress Rectangular body shape


Denim – Rectangle Body Shape



A Rectangular Body Shape, has a straight body line, No body curve or waistline, hence the aim is to create a visual faux waistline.
  • Flared types of denim like a bootcut / wide leg with a defined waist will look great for this body type.
  • Belts are a good way, and you can create an illusion of a waist curve with a contrasting belt for your denim.
  • If you are a small to medium body frame, then patterned denim around the hips and bum work well.
  • Invest in Denim that can be worn with tops in a way to give an illusion of a waistline.
  • Mid waisted denim is perfect for all body types, but your body type can also  wear low waisted denim, that create a flow in leg line.

Dresses for Rectangular Body Shape



Rectangular Body Shape have a straight body line, hence the idea is to create a faux waistline.

  • Dresses that are pleated or Belted, Peplum, even sheath dresses look lovely on this body shape.
  • If you have a small bust an average neck then high necklines work well.
  • Dreses with halter necks will give you an appearance of a bigger bust
  • Avoid shapeless dresses, for more formal events.
  • Anti-fit is a style and is cautious of not overdoing this style.

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Tops for Rectangular Body Shape



As discussed in Rectangular Body Shape, the aim is to create a defined waist curve.
Wear peplum tops, bodycon tops, wrap blousons, shirts that can be styled with belts to emphasize/create the faux waistline.

Opt for wider / lower necklines such as deep V, boat neckline to give an illusion of a broader shoulder.

All types of sleeves look good, however, halter necks work the best in a casual environment and 3/4th looks best in a formal setting.


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Rectangular Body Shape


Characteristics of a Rectangular Body Shape:

  • Average or Heavy Hips, Thighs and Butt
  • No waist curve
  • Average or Heavy Shoulders and Bust
  • Straight Body Line

A Rectangular body shape can be medium or large body frame, depending on their built and other body variations.

With a weight loss or gain Rectangular body shape have tendencies to form another body shape.

  • If you have tendency to gain weight on the midriff than you can become a Diamond Body Shape. 
  • If you have tendency to gain weight on the upper body than you can become  an Inverted Triangular Body Shape.
  • If you have tendencies to gain weight on the lower body than you can become a Triangular Body Shape.
  • A throughout weight loss can also turn you into a Petitte body.

My two rules on Shape

  1. Highlight the fact that upper body and lower body are in same line.
  2. Create an illusion of a waist curve.

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Jackets for Rectangular Body Shape

194942353.jpgRectangular Body Shape women have a straight body line, hence wear jackets that are belted or have a predefined waistline. Curved silhouette of the jacket, draped style or a peplum style jacket works well with this body.Jackets can have shoulder pads to add some structure to shoulders but don’t go all crazy, let it be soft padding.

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Swimwear for Rectangle Body Shape



Rectangular Body Shapehave a straight body line. Create a faux waistline with the swimwear silhouette.
1. Wear swimwear that has a predefined waistline.
2. Invest in swimwear that highlights the balanced upper body and lower body, and give an illusion of a waist curve
3. Belted, curved or illusion swimwear works very well for this shape.
4. A bikini works well for this body as it adds some curve to the body.
5. Opt for a block of colors to make the bust and bottom stand out.
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Pants for Rectangular Body Shape


As discussed here, Rectangular body shape women need to create an illusion of a waistline.


  1. Belted trouser, Narrow fit trousers, flared pants with a defined waist are your go-to pants.
  2. Belts are a good way, and you can create an illusion of a waist curve with a contrasting belt for your trousers.
  3. Tucking in tops with a regular straight fit pant also adds interest to the outfit and style for this body shape

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