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Denim – Triangle Body Shape

Denim - Triangle Body Shape


Triangular Body Shape women have heavier thighs and hips and narrow upper body.
When investing in denims, keep in mind to buy darker colours. Any design detail or the wash or cuts on denims should be on the knee or below. Boyfriend denims look flattering on this body shape.

Triangular Body Shape



Characteristics of a Triangular Body Shape:

  • Heavy Hips,Thighs and Butt
  • Defined Waist Curve
  • Narrow Shoulders
  • Small Bust

A triangular body shape can be small, medium or large body frame, depending on their built and other body variations.


With a weight loss or gain Triangular body shape have tendencies to form another body shape.

  • If you have tendency to gain weight on the midriff than you can become a Diamond Body Shape.
  • Regular cardio exercising can turn you into an ideal body shape.

My two rules on Shape

  1. Highlight the narrow upper body .
  2. Camouflage the lower body.

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Dresses for Triangular Body Shape

Dresses for Triangular Body Shape


For Triangular Body Shape,   keep the focus on highlighting the upper body and camouflaging the lower body.
1. Wear knee length dresses, this will give an illusion of a balanced body,
2. Prefer straight fit dresses in cotton, soft khadi, polyester , any fabric that does not stick to the body and is light to medium weight.   
3. If you want to wear fit and flare or A line dresses, see to it that there are in deign details that focus son the lower body.
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Skirts for Triangular Body Shape

193641083.jpgAs discussed ,  Triangular Body Shape women will have heavier Lower body as compared to their upper body.

 1. The aim while buying skirts is to reduce the visual volume on the lower body.

2. Wear prints that are spread throughout the garment or prints and patterns on the lower hem of the skirt.

3. Try uneven hemlines so that the attention goes away from the heavier lower body to the clothing silhouette.

4. If you have heavier outer thighs, than avoid hosiery or spandex as fabric and prefer fabrics like cottons, cotton blend, linen, Khakhi and such fabrics that don’t stick to the body.

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Pants for Triangular Body Shape


We discussed in Triangular Body Shape , that the main aim for this shape while dressing is to take attention away from lower body i.e. hips & thighs.


  1. The suggested types of trousers are Straight fit pants, Side zipper pants, self print / micro prints pants.
  2. Avoid very fitted pants for large size triangle, if you are a small to medium body size, you can opt for narrow fits.
  3. A pro tip is that if your trosurs have side pockets than, you can get those pockets stiched so that it wont flap out when you wear the trouser.
  4. With this body shape the chances are high that the waist of trouser will be smaller and hip / thigh will be bigger. In this case buy the bigger size and get your waist altered.

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Tops for Triangular Body Shape


Triangular Body Shape have a narrower upper body hence the main trick is to balance the upper body with lower body.
Tops that add weight to the upper body will work well, like a wrap blouson, ruffled top, small to medium scale patterns widely spaced, breast pocket, embellishment on the shoulders.
Avoid very fitted tops that highlight the narrowness of the upper torso.
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