Know Your Shape



There are 7 body shapes but 77 and more variations.  When it comes to body shapes, I have 2 rules

  1. Highlight what you like
  2. Camouflage what you don’t like

With this philosophy in mind, let’s read more in details about each body shape

  1. Triangular Body Shape
  2. Inverted Triangular Body Shape
  3. Hourglass Body Shape
  4. Rectangular Body Shape
  5. Diamond Body Shape
  6. Round Body Shape
  7. Ideal Body Shape

So all of us have read umpteen types and variations of body shapes. But for me, Judith Rasband’s concept of Body Shapes in her book “Fabulous Fit” resonates the most.

I love reading about how different and unique each body is, and how clothing can be used as a medium of visual illusion to create harmony amongst body mind and soul.