Quick Tip : Classic white shirt – 5 simple easy styles

#52weeks52blogs blog 2- classic white shirt – 5 simple styles. When we think of classic white shirt, we think of pairing it with black trousers or blue denims. Sharing 5 quick and simple tricks to style the shirt differently.


Tops for Mommy-to-be


This is my series post from a mom to mom-to-be.
Pregnancy brings about a lot of change emotionally and physically. Dont let those mood wings and hormones dictate what to wear.
Like i always say – what you wear will directly affect the way you feel, so dress glamorously.
1. Invest in tops that relaxed fit for the for the first and second trimester , and loose fit for the thrid trimester.
2. Check the fabrics, use weather friendly fabrics. For example for a hot and humid climate use more cottons and bit of blends.
3. Wrap tops & belted tops work very well for work as well for semi formal events
4. Simple blousons can be used for various ocassions from work to fun
5. Invest in fun prints, polka dot is the a staple piece for every mommy to be wardrobe.
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Also some fabulous styling ideas below.

Tops for Rectangular Body Shape



As discussed in Rectangular Body Shape, the aim is to create a defined waist curve.
Wear peplum tops, bodycon tops, wrap blousons, shirts that can be styled with belts to emphasize/create the faux waistline.

Opt for wider / lower necklines such as deep V, boat neckline to give an illusion of a broader shoulder.

All types of sleeves look good, however, halter necks work the best in a casual environment and 3/4th looks best in a formal setting.


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Tops for Hourglass Body Shape


As discussed in Hourglass Body Shape, women of this shape have Rounded shoulders, Bust, Hips and thighs with a very narrow waist.


Choose tops accentuate the shoulders and bust and at the same time takes the attention away from narrow waist. Peplum Tops, belted tops, tops with pre defined waist line works very well.

Hosiery / Stretchy materials will hug your curves so if you are okay with that then opt for those fabrics. if you are a plus size hourglass, then better to avoid this fabric.Also, avoid stiff fabrics, it will end up looking boxy. Soft fabrics like knit, soft cotton, silk and blend will gently drape over the body.

Fuller hourglasses / Plus size hourglass tend to look top heavy if the necklines are not kept in check. Opt for round, v necks. Avoid boat neck or fully covered necklines.

Avoid design details that add volume to your bust or hips.


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Tops for Diamond Body Shape


Diamond Body Shape women will have a rounded midriff area, hence the tops that you choose should be such that they don’t attract attention to the midriff.


1. Wear fabrics that flow over the body and don’t cling or stick out to the body. So opt for fabrics like georgette, poly cotton, soft cotton and avoid fabrics like brocade or hosiery.

2. Straight fit or a mild flare (ALine) tops/blousons are apt for this shape

3. Don’t wear any top, that has a fit and flare, or design detail, embellishment, pattern around the waist. It will highlight the roundness of the midriff.

4. All design details of the top should be around the shoulder area or hem of the dress.

5. The uneven hemline of tops and small scale will print create interest in the outfit.

6. Never tuck in your tops if you have a heavy midriff.

7. Tops with elasticated hems or peplum is a complete no.

8. Avoid button down shirts when you have a fuller midriff, it will create a gapping when you sit down

9. Short tunics that flow over the bodywork really well.

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1 Top – 4 different occasions



Your wardrobe should be like a resource and you should be able to use the clothes and accessories in multiple ways for multiple occasions.
-The green blouson here is paired with a cotton pant , a floral blazer and used for Creative business wear
– Pair the blouson with a straight fit, medium scale print and wear it for a regular day at work
– Get your favourite printed pants out with a nice ballerinas and you are set for a causal dinner
– Get your shorts out and get ready for a casual day.


Tops for Triangular Body Shape


Triangular Body Shape have a narrower upper body hence the main trick is to balance the upper body with lower body.
Tops that add weight to the upper body will work well, like a wrap blouson, ruffled top, small to medium scale patterns widely spaced, breast pocket, embellishment on the shoulders.
Avoid very fitted tops that highlight the narrowness of the upper torso.
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