Lingerie 101 – Part 2 – How to choose the right lingerie for the outfit

Will be uploaded on 9th Feb


Lingerie 101 – Part 1 – My top tips on how to buy the right Lingerie

8 out of 10 women
are wearing the wrong bra size

Let’s start by a simple rule, “Anything that touches your skin directly has to be the best quality that you can afford”.
So save on that top, but never ever looks for cheap lingerie.

I have got a lot of request on my Instagram account to do a 101 for lingerie. I have divided this in two parts.

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Skirt it up – Quick tips to wear skirts for any body frame


I have been wearing a lot of skirts these days and realised that skirt is the most versatile piece in a wardrobe.

1. It gives the flexibility of a separate meaning I can mix and match it with various tops without the heartbreak of a pant.
2. A skirt is also easy to find. Unlike pants, skirts don’t take ages to get the right fit.
3. It’s easy to dress up or down with a skirt.

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You are Decluttering, but then what?

If you are a fairly good user of Instagram or you love Netflix then you know the queen of Decluttering – Marie Kondo launched her Netflix original “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”.

Now this series is not just popular in one part of the world, but it has taken Netflix like a storm. I see so many of my acquaintances and friends take the “Does it spark joy’ challenge. People are decluttering their wardrobes like there is no tomorrow. I know a friend who has decluttered 50% of her wardrobe. So all this is good on paper and I am genuinely happy for people who are taking up this challenge. Clutter in wardrobe not only affects your wardrobe space but, in general, affects your mood. A clean wardrobe, a clean space virtual or real will give you happiness.

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Styling for windy days

In Singapore & Mumbai, windy days are fun and we sort of look forward to it, some respite from the heat and humidity.

So styling for windy days is more like a wish list for styling. However this year we traveled to Austria and Switzerland and the weather was perfect amount of wind and cold, some bad days of rain 😦

In this post, I have kept in mind the regular easily available styles of layers like long jackets, ponchos, heavy cardigan. The fun is in colors and combinations.

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