7 days travel cluster

7 day Travel cluster

So I am travelling to India for work and will be working with 3 clients on their wardrobe decluttering, personal styling and shopping with them. The requirement is simple, it has to be super comfortable.

Travel cluster consists of : Continue reading “7 days travel cluster”


7 days casual travel packing


Would you believe if I said,  that small cabin bag has my 7 days of outfits and an extra pair for just in case scenarios?

If you have read my earlier blog on Travel packing tips and vlog on packing cubes, you will notice that planning is the key.  So many times when you start packing, it gets overwhelming with the number of things we have to carry. Continue reading “7 days casual travel packing”

Travel Packing Tips

Travel Packing Tips

Pack Light, Travel Light, everyone says that , but for me , Pack Smarter is the key.

Whether attending a destination wedding, or on a fun picnic with the kids, or a beach vacation with friends, everyone wants to look Smart… Dress for the place, for the vacation, for the event but that DO NOT OVERPACK.

Some tips to help you Pack Smarter :

How Much Should you Pack – There is this constant dilemma of how much one should pack. Plan ahead keeping in mind the location, weather, purpose of travel, and number of days. This will determine how much one needs to pack

 Select the right luggage – The bigger the bag, we are tempted to pack more. Choose a bag which is perfect for the mode of travel and your needs. If you pack too much the clothes will wrinkle and if you pack little in a big bag than again they will move around a lot in the bag and wrinkle.

Important Documents, Visa papers, Currency notes – Always start by collecting important travel Documents, passport, visa papers or invitation letter, cash. If you are a big family than collecting these documents at the last moment can be too hassled. Keep a Travel organiser and document organiser for these papers.

Packing Cubes – Packing cubes are available easily online and offline and are very economical. They compartmentalise your suitcase or backpack invarious mini bags which are easier to pack and unpack as well. Invest in cubes for packing clothes, toiletries, makeup, lingerie, tech gadgets, travel accessories and various other options available depending on your need.

Basic List – If you are a frequent traveller than always have a basic list ready. This comes handy while packing and it will be like a set mechanism and will consume less time.

Involve Kids – This is my top tip. Kids 3 years onwards can throw a real tantrum on what clothes they want to wear and what not. Hence involve them on choosing clothes, you don’t want to take all their clothes for a small trip and definitely don’t want them crying at the location. Pack their clothes individually for each day in big zip lock bags, this way they can just remove their packet and start getting dressed.

Makeup & Toiletries – Pack travel sizes of make and toiletries. If travel size not available than invest in small travel containers, don’t carry full size bottles, they take up space and are heavy as well.


Brief Travel Check List

First Aid & Medicine

Vitamins Meals Allergy Medication
Snacks/Drinks Ibuprofen/Tylenol


Tech Accessories                                                                                                               

Cell Phone + Charger
Camera + Charger



Hair Brush/es Moisturize Shampoo/Conditioner
Hair Clips Perfume Sunglasses
Bobby Pins Deodorant Tampons/Pads
Face Wash Nail clippers Toothbrush/Paste
Sunblock Nail Polish + Remover Extra pair of Glasses
Dry & Wet tissues Razor/Shaving Cream



Kajal Lipbalm Lipstick/Gloss
Mascara Eyelash Curler Mascara
Primer Eye Shadow Blush