4 Skirt-Top combination for Festival season

Festive season has started and if you are someone like me, who is tired of wearing Anarkalis and sarees, than this Vlog is for you


How to wear a Cowl Neck Top


A cowl neck is a style of neckline having material draped in rounded folds. It is mostly found in sweaters for women and stylized versions of men sweaters as well.

This neckline got adapted to regular soft fabrics and voila a lovely blouson style for women to explore. I bought this top speciallyfor the neckline.

Women with heavier bust need not worry, althought there is too much fabric around the bust area but the drape and fold is such that the concentration is on the lovely drape. Keep in mind though to be smart about the choice of fabric. The fabric needs to be soft and flowly by opaque.

Women with smaller bust can also wear this top, purely because of the drape and fabric around the bust. You an opt for slightly heavier polyester or soft cotton.

Besides the simple options that I have shared above to take this top from Business formal to Business Casual, you can also wear this top with a coloured pant, printed pant, staright fit solid or printed


As we have seen in earlier blogs on Focal Point, here the focal point is the cowl neck design, hence go slow on accessories. Depending on what colour your top is decide the makeup and you all ready to wear this top in so many different ways for work and fun.

You can also view the vlog on this top below.




How many Reds do you have?


I love red lipstick and i really love the colour red. My afafir with red lipstick started 4 years back and the first red lipstick I bought , have applied the lipstick and removed it. Wearing a bright colour on your face as makeup or on body as clothes, requires a lot of confidence.

Colour is nothing but a projection of your inner personality. Colour is what you feel from the inside. On the days that we feel cheerful, we subconsiciously pick a bright pink. On days you are feeling blue, you will pick up a pale blue or grey .

Colour is like an instant mood lifter, a quick fix for a dull day.

Back to my love for red. It finised a whole case of my first red lipstick before I could get confident to wear red. Red used to give me jitters, it used to make me feel that am i actally this or projecting a fake person, it used to make me look awkward. Than one fine day, i decided that am not going to remove the colour of my lips. It felt so uneasy, but the moment i started looking at those pictures with me in Red lipstick, i was sold. This colour dominates my makeup box. The colour that made me feel awkward, than confident is now my fail safe colour. I have a red for work, a red for party,  a red for every ocassion 🙂


Pose with Style

So am not expert at posing or clicking pictures. Infact even after so many videos &pictures,  I still get conscious when I have to get a picture clicked, hence I have tons of elevator selfies ;-).

One thing figured out in this whole process of clicking and getting clicked is the way you stand.

Below is my picture, one picture am standing straight facing the camera and in other one am slightly turned to one side, keep your back straight – no hunching, rest your weight on the leg behind, tilting head a bit and a big broad smile. Voila see the difference. So this sounds too much work but trust me its not 🙂

Its not just about the pictures, but improves your whole body language. Once we see our picture looks good, we automatically feel confident about way we have styled ourselves.


Double up your Formal Top

Am sure by now you have realised that I love doubling up my things and create new outfits with it.  If this is your first post than read other blogs post on my styling

I always thought that saree is not my style, but Singapore has changed me. In the last 5 months I have worn saree 3 times, that is sum total of last 5 years that i must have worn saree.

But saree with a twist. I wear my shirts / blousons / Tees as a blouse. This way I look forward to styling my saree and the style becomes so uniquely me.  You can also read this post on saree styling.

Below is my saree styled with a Marks & Spencer top.


The below picture is of the top that I have used with the saree above.

Note to Self : STOP TAKING SELFIES in the elevator 😉


Styling Mistake : Black on a hot day

We went on a small holiday to Dubai and this was a rest day. Dolphin shows for the kids and a stroll in the park before lunch.

Now dubai sunlight is great for great photos, plus I look great in black ;-). My mathematical side said “Great Sun + Great Colour = Gorgeous Pictures”, So with this amazing thought in mind, I decided to wear a black  midi dress and made my poor husband also wear a black tee to coordinate. Epic fail….

The pictures I thought have come great but now when i look back at old pictures, am wondering WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING 🙂

My learning from this is , keep the weather and day in mind before deciding the colour to wear.


Black and gold raw silk Jacket

This jacket is part of a very traditonal Anarkali dress and honestly i bought this dress just for the Jacket.  Below are three difefrent waysi have used the jacket.

This is the traditional orginal dress, added a red carnation flower because why not 😉

Next I have used this jacket in my portfolio shoots, you will be able to see this one in lot of my marketing materials. Wanted to go fr a rich elegant Indian feel for my portfolio.


This time I combined my jacket with a leather skirt and traditonal earrings for the IWA event, details here.


This time I chose to wear the jacket with the original anarkali dress it came with.

Black jacket.jpg

Saree to Skirt ;-)

So I recently took part in a Ramp walk as part of the the Indian Women Association a.k.a IWA in Singapore, showcasing Weaves and Embroideries of India to raise funds for research on Crohn’s & Ulcerative Colitis.

I had to wear a very tarditional Kanjeevaram Sari, and than there was dinner and dance so wanted to change into something comfortable.

Left side picture is of the Ramp walk and the right side one is what I changed into post the walk. For ramp walk I had a traditional kanjeevaram and combined that with a black crop top, tarditional earings and pendant , gold shoes and a statement ring.

Once the ramp walk was over , changed into a leather skirt while the crop top and accesories remained same. Added my gold and black raw silk jacket to create a fun fusion.


We had just couple of minutes to change and get back to dinner table, I predecided the makeup and hair in a way that, dont have to change too much.



Saree with top 

I draped a saree after 5 odd years and it was not as difficult as it was in my mind 😜

Draped saree in Gujarati style and have worn a corn jacquard top as the blouse.

This was for the change of guard event with FICCI FLO Mumbai.

Saree – Pothys from chennai

Neckpiece – thread peach and red by Gush

– Gold one by Popleys

Bag – Flea Market at Pattaya

Shoes – Nude shoes from Clarks

Summer Stripes

Striped Dresses , Skirts or Tops are a classic piece to own. You can use them from day to night, casual to formal.

This particular dress is a cotton hoisery, fabric is casual, there is a side slit to the dress, plus the stripes are medium size, medium spaced hence chances of using this in a work setting is bleak to nil.

IMG_7353.JPGHave used the dress as is with minimal accessories for a day out.


Here I have added a cotton neaon green shirt to change the look and used it while personal shopping with a client.

Read about the importantce of size and spacing of stripes here.

Picture 1 & 2:

Dress – Cottonworld

Sunglasses – TommyHilfiger 

Buttondown Shirt –Cottonworld

Earrings – Flea Market