Lingerie 101 – Part 1 – My top tips on how to buy the right Lingerie

8 out of 10 women
are wearing the wrong bra size

Let’s start by a simple rule, “Anything that touches your skin directly has to be the best quality that you can afford”.
So save on that top, but never ever looks for cheap lingerie.

I have got a lot of request on my Instagram account to do a 101 for lingerie. I have divided this in two parts.

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You are Decluttering, but then what?

If you are a fairly good user of Instagram or you love Netflix then you know the queen of Decluttering – Marie Kondo launched her Netflix original “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”.

Now this series is not just popular in one part of the world, but it has taken Netflix like a storm. I see so many of my acquaintances and friends take the “Does it spark joy’ challenge. People are decluttering their wardrobes like there is no tomorrow. I know a friend who has decluttered 50% of her wardrobe. So all this is good on paper and I am genuinely happy for people who are taking up this challenge. Clutter in wardrobe not only affects your wardrobe space but, in general, affects your mood. A clean wardrobe, a clean space virtual or real will give you happiness.

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Blousons Vs Shirts


A blouson top is mostly a loose fitted top that may or may not cover the hips. It is not so tailored to a shirt, hence easily adaptable for various body types. Blouson can be various varieties and they were actually a replacement of shirts for women. Blouson is not very fitted by style, hence there is an ease to the wear unless you opt for the stylised version like a peplum blouson.

A shirt is a tailored top, with button opening at the front from collar to hem. Since it is tailored than a blouson, it has a restriction to wear for women with heavy bust/midriff variation. Shirts were traditionally part of men’s wardrobe, they started seeping into women’s wardrobe in 1950’s.

Both can be as formal or casual depending on the style, cut, color, finish, texture and print/pattern.

You can read about types of Shirts & Blousons and you can also read about formal to casual shirts plus formal to casual blousons.