How to wear a Cowl Neck Top


A cowl neck is a style of neckline having material draped in rounded folds. It is mostly found in sweaters for women and stylized versions of men sweaters as well.

This neckline got adapted to regular soft fabrics and voila a lovely blouson style for women to explore. I bought this top speciallyfor the neckline.

Women with heavier bust need not worry, althought there is too much fabric around the bust area but the drape and fold is such that the concentration is on the lovely drape. Keep in mind though to be smart about the choice of fabric. The fabric needs to be soft and flowly by opaque.

Women with smaller bust can also wear this top, purely because of the drape and fabric around the bust. You an opt for slightly heavier polyester or soft cotton.

Besides the simple options that I have shared above to take this top from Business formal to Business Casual, you can also wear this top with a coloured pant, printed pant, staright fit solid or printed


As we have seen in earlier blogs on Focal Point, here the focal point is the cowl neck design, hence go slow on accessories. Depending on what colour your top is decide the makeup and you all ready to wear this top in so many different ways for work and fun.

You can also view the vlog on this top below.





Styling Tops & Pants for Mommy-to-be

Styling for Mommy-to-be



This is my series post from a mom to mom-to-be.

When styling yourself keep in mind the place you are going, who you are meeting and what sort of activities you will involved in.

Pregnancy is not the reason to not dress well. Flat shoes, accessories and apt makeup will make your whole style glow like your face 🙂

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Blue Pant + White Shirt at Work

Blue Pant + White Shirt at Work


White Shirt & Blue Trouser are quiet a staple in everyones wardrobe.
With simple change in accessories , we can use them for a meeting at work to a regular day at work or if you are going out for dinner post work.

Fedora for Fun

Fedora for Fun


Summers are here and my fedora is out. Generally my fedora is restricted to a picnic or a beach fun but this time am using it for my everyday commute and am wondering why did i not think about this earlier.
Use your denim and a lovely loose top and a fedora for your casual outings,  or wear your girl next door a line dress with a fedora for that chic look. Dont restrict it to just casual days, you have a brunch with your friends? or in my case had a meeting with a client, wear a lovely  straight fit skirt, loose top and a fedora to up the style game.
Since we want to highlight the fedora, keep your other accessories in sync and minimal, read about focal point to help you undwerstand this.