Print on Print



Print on print simply put means combining two prints together.

Now although this is a big trend from past couple of years, it has always been existent from yesteryear of fashion days. Especially if you look at various Indian sarees, like Bandhani, Patola, Ikkat, print on print has been practiced as a pattern since ages.

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1 Dress – 3 Looks

template .jpg


This time I took a striped navy blue/blackish and white dress and have created three looks with it.

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5 ways to wear Printed Pants


Printed Pants are my personal favourites. When styled well they can take you from day to night and from one occasion to another.

As we discussed in our earlier post on “Focal Point” , every outfit can have only one hero. While using a printed pant be very careful of the size of print, pattern, fabric and most important your own body shape.


Dont restrict your printed pants just for a casual day or casual outing, be smart in using different types of blousons, tops, knits and accessories.

Vertical & Horizontal Stripes


How many time have you loved a clothing item but did not buy because it had Horizontal Stripes? Or how many time have you heard that Vertical stripes will make you look a size smaller… Am sure many a times.

When I train to be Image Consultants and discuss the importance of lines in dressing, this particular topic is like an Aha moment, a myth buster for so many.

Well, to break your bubble, it’s never about the type of stripes, it’s about the size & spacing of stripes.

Decoding the 4 paired images

1. Thick stripes & wide spacing – the stripes are thick and widely spaced, hence women with small bust and narrow shoulders will, in fact, benefit from this as it will give an illusion of width.

2. Medium stripes & wide spacing – The stripes here are medium in size and widely spaced. This works well with women on a petite frame and smaller bust.

3. Medium stripes & medium spaced – When you have medium stripes, medium spaced whether horizontal/vertical flatters all body shapes and types.

4. Thin stripes & narrow spacing – So if you are heavy busted or a large and upwards body frame, opt for medium to thin stripes with narrow spacing. This pattern will give an illusion of length even if its horizontal stripes.

So next time when you go shopping, don’t shy away from horizontal stripes 🙂

Do you have other such myths for diferent prints and patterns, head over here and read more on prints and patterns.