Different Types of Skirts




Trouser Styles


A simple guide on various trouser styles. Not all trosuers work for all body types. This is guide just to help you understand their names better 🙂
Wana know how to style them?  Read on various blogs on Styling.

5 ways to wear Printed Pants


Printed Pants are my personal favourites. When styled well they can take you from day to night and from one occasion to another.

As we discussed in our earlier post on “Focal Point” , every outfit can have only one hero. While using a printed pant be very careful of the size of print, pattern, fabric and most important your own body shape.


Dont restrict your printed pants just for a casual day or casual outing, be smart in using different types of blousons, tops, knits and accessories.

3 basic ways to wear Culottes



Culottes are fun to wear in summers, monsoons, and winters. Basically, Culottes are not seasonal and it’s a myth that they are part of casual outfit only.

When teamed well, culottes can take you from day to night, from a casual event to a formal business wear as well.

The culottes look very intimidating because if not styled correctly, it is not forgiving.

Culottes work very well for small Triangular Body Shape, medium Rectangle Body Shape, Tubular Body Shape & Inverted Triangular Body Shape.

You can read on how to style your culottes for Short women & Tall women and quick tips on Style your culottes for 20 ocassions.