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Skirts for Diamond Body Shape

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Published on - April 3, 2019

Skirts for Diamond Body Shape

Diamond Body Shape women have a rounded midriff.

  • Wear skirts that have a flat fronted elastic band/side zipper/buttons.
  • Whether its straight fit or A-line, keep the waistline empty and simple.
  • The uneven hemline of the skirt will create interest in the outfit.
  • Wear skirts that are at least knee length to give an illusion of length in the body.
  • Avoid fancy belts, gathered waist skirts or any skirts with a cinched waist. Also, avoid any type of design detail around the waist.
  • Wear fabrics that flow over the body and don’t cling or stick out to the body. So opt for fabrics like poly cotton, Polyester with elastane, soft cotton and avoid fabrics like hosiery.
  • It is a myth that people with midriff should wear low waist skirts. Low waist skirts will let your stomach hanging, hence always opt for mid waist.

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