Blousons Vs Shirts

Blousons Vs Shirts
A blouson top is mostly a loose fitted top that may or may not cover the hips. It is not so tailored as a shirt, hence easily adaptable for various body types. Blouson can be various varieites and they were actually a replacement of shirts for women. Blouson are not very fitted by style, hence there is an ease to the wear, unless you opt for the stylised version like a peplum blouson.
A shirt is a tailored top, with button opening at the front from collor to hem. Since it is tailored than a blouson, it has restriction to wear for women with heavy bust / midriff variation. Shirts were traditionally part of men’s wardrobe, they started seeping in women’s wardobe in 1950’s .



Social Casual V/s Business Casual

Social Casual V/s Business Casual


Social casual events could be a birthday party, dinner at a friends place, etc… and business casual will be events that you attend with business colleagues, like an after office party or in some cases it can be a friday at work or in more relaxed office environment it could be a regular day at work.
Social events could have fitted jerseys, add a lot of colour to it, becauee its a social event, the impression or image to be created is not of a serious worker but of fun and friendly nature. You can also experiment with fun shoes.
With business causal, although it is casual, it is still a buisness day or a buisness event. Your collegues will be there with you and although it does not mean that you have to be very formally dressed always but conservative dressing works when you are trying to create an image amongst office crowd. Opt for more classic cuts and styles, you can wear polo tees or half sleeves shirt, or add some quirky print in small size or few colours to create your own unique personal style.

Simple way to Accessorise

Simple way to Accessorise
You will find this statement in way too many blogs of mine “Make clothing an investment”…
Invest in clothes in a way that you are able to accessorise them from day to night , from regualr day at work to lunch at work to boardroom meeting. be flexible and creative in expressing your style with different accessories that work for you.
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