Styling for windy days

In Singapore & Mumbai, windy days are fun and we sort of look forward to it, some respite from the heat and humidity.

So styling for windy days is more like a wish list for styling. However this year we traveled to Austria and Switzerland and the weather was perfect amount of wind and cold, some bad days of rain 😦

In this post, I have kept in mind the regular easily available styles of layers like long jackets, ponchos, heavy cardigan. The fun is in colors and combinations.

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Print on Print

Print on Print


Print on print simply put means combining two prints together.

Now although this is a big trend from past couple of years, it has always been existent from yesteryear of fashion days. Especially if you look at various Indian sarees, like Bandhani, Patola, Ikkat, print on print has been practiced as a pattern since ages.

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Jacket for Business Attire

Jacket for Business Attire


For a tropical country like Singapore and a hot humid city like Mumbai, I knew my client had limitations when it came to adding layers to their outfits.
However, layers do add authority to your outfit as a whole. It’s not necessary to be in a heavy wool suit or for that matter even in a matched suit if your work does not demand you to be.
Jackets do add authority and nothing says powerful and serious like a third layer, so choose a stylised version of a peplum jacket or cape jacket or if you are the classic type of person than choosing regular lapel classics in black and grey. various options to choose from, you can read my blog on types of jackets here.

Blousons Vs Shirts

Blousons Vs Shirts
A blouson top is mostly a loose fitted top that may or may not cover the hips. It is not so tailored as a shirt, hence easily adaptable for various body types. Blouson can be various varieites and they were actually a replacement of shirts for women. Blouson are not very fitted by style, hence there is an ease to the wear, unless you opt for the stylised version like a peplum blouson.
A shirt is a tailored top, with button opening at the front from collor to hem. Since it is tailored than a blouson, it has restriction to wear for women with heavy bust / midriff variation. Shirts were traditionally part of men’s wardrobe, they started seeping in women’s wardobe in 1950’s .


Colour Contrast for Trouser & Tops

Colour Contrast for Trouser & Tops

The above shirts and pants are same size, what I have done is changed the colour combination.

Lets look at the trousers, the black trousers will visually give a slimming effect because lighter colours expand and darker colours contrast. So if you are heavy from lower body like Triangular body shape / Round body shape / Large Rectangular body shape / Large Hourglass body shape shape

Same rule applies to the shirts. If you have a fuller bust or midriff variation opt for dark colour shirts (or blousons preffered)

A darker top / bottom will always reduce the size of that part of your body, its colour perception or as I like to call it Deceptive styling 🙂

, so

Moods & Message – Third layer

Moods & Message - Third layer

Moods & Message – Third layer

Moods & Message - Third layer

Roland Mouret jacket
1,380 SGD –

Donna Karan jacket
815 SGD –

Alexander Wang jacket
1,560 SGD –

Armani Collezioni quilted jacket
905 SGD –

Navy jacket
99 SGD –

Brown jacket
8.14 SGD –

Grey jacket

Business Formal to Business Casual

Business Formal to Business Casual


As the name suggests, a few changes here and there will change your look from business formal to business casual. here in this post, we are especially talking about how to use your jacket and vest to convert your business formal attire into a business casual attire.

The first grey jacket starting from the left is a business formal jacket, its elements of design are simply chic and neat.

Line – Straight lines
Shape – rectangular and boxy
Pattern – Simple
Texture – Smooth
Colour – Muted
Print / Pattern – Solid / no print pattern
Fit – medium fit

All the elements discussed above makes the piece of garment a formal one, it depends now how you combine your trousers and shirt with it.

The middle blue-green-black cheks jacket can be business formal or casual depending on the type of industry you are in.

Line – Straight lines
Shape – rectangular and boxy
Pattern – Medium size check print
Texture – Smooth
Colour – multiple colors, muted and dull
Print / Pattern – Medium size classic check pattern
Fit – medium fit

In this except for the print, pattern, and color rest, all elements of design are very formal. hence for a nonserious industry like say maybe media v/s a bank this jacket can be business formal or casual.

The third jacket/vest is definitely a business casual. For me, a vest for men is more like an accessory rather than an additional layer of authority.