Print on Print



Print on print simply put means combining two prints together.

Now although this is a big trend from past couple of years, it has always been existent from yesteryear of fashion days. Especially if you look at various Indian sarees, like Bandhani, Patola, Ikkat, print on print has been practiced as a pattern since ages.

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Skirts – Casual to Formal

Skirts - Casual to Formal


As we read in earlier blog post “Black is not always formal“, this blog post will cover skirts styles from casual to formal.
Fit, Colour, Style, Print /Pattern play an important role while deciding wheteher the clothing piece or the outfit put together is social casual or bsuiness formal. there are varying degrees even to these. Have used a single colour and no print colour right now to concentrate on the fit, style & pattern of skirt to determine where we can wear this.
So to simplyfy our lives, imprtant pointers below:
1. When the length of the skirt is too short anywhere above the knee, it is used only for casual ocassions.
2. An uneven hemline on skirt again is extreme in nature and the attention goes to hemline more than you, this is a fancy peice and again more apt for casual ocassions.
3. Side ruffle, fancy buttoned, long slit styles are again used in a semi casual secenario.
4. A bodycon is a fitted version and can be used for business casual or social casual.
5. Kneelength skirts with simple looking detailing on the skirt can be used for everyday business wear
6. Kneelength straight fit skirt is a very business like piece, can also be used in social formal settings.

Skirts for Tubular Body Shape

Skirts for Tubular Body Shape


Tubular Body Shape have a straight body line with a negligent waist curve, hence the idea is to create a faux waist curve and add some volume to the body.

Wear skirts with pleats, or patterned skirts that add volume. Wear skirts that have print and pattern that is medium spaced.  Fit and flare skirts work very well, they create an illusion of waist at the same time add a bit of volume to the body.
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