Jacket for Business Attire


For a tropical country like Singapore and a hot humid city like Mumbai, I knew my client had limitations when it came to adding layers to their outfits.
However, layers do add authority to your outfit as a whole. It’s not necessary to be in a heavy wool suit or for that matter even in a matched suit if your work does not demand you to be.
Jackets do add authority and nothing says powerful and serious like a third layer, so choose a stylised version of a peplum jacket or cape jacket or if you are the classic type of person than choosing regular lapel classics in black and grey. Various options to choose from,
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Denim – Rectangle Body Shape

Denim - Rectangle Body Shape


A Rectangular Body Shape, has a straight body line, No body curve or waistline.
Invest in Denims that can be worn with tops in a way that can give an illusion of a waist line. For Small & Medium body frame of this body shape, finding a denim would not be a difficult task.

Dresses for Tubular Body Shape

Dresses for Tubular Body Shape


Tubular Body Shape have straight body line, they are petite with negligent waist curve. There are chances that people with this shape will have small bust.

Create a waist line and add volume to your dresses. Prints that are widely spaced,  patterns that add volume to the body will work well. Wear fabrics that are slight heavy in nature if you want add required volume to the body. .


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Dresses for Round Body Shape

Dresses for Round Body Shape


Round Body Shape women have fuller upper and lower body.
Invest in dresses that are straight cut in style, wear simple empire cuts, prefer design patterns that are small to medium sized with narrow spacing. Invest in dresses with unusual hemlines so the attention goes to the detailing and not on the body size. Shift dresses also work very well.
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Colour Block with Print

Colour Block with Print


Colour blocking is when you can wear multiple colours in a single outfit.

The above sample images demonstrate that we can colour block with print in clothes or accessories.

As a starter into colour blocking keep the rule of 3 colours in your whole outfit style.

Pants for Inverted Triangular Body Shape


Inverted Triangular body shape will have narrow lower body. The idea is to create a broader look for the lower torso.

Opt for styles that will accentuate your hip, butt & thigh.
1. Invest in Culottes, wide leg pants, palazzo, baggy cotton pants.

2. Buy bottoms with embellishments on the side, print & pattern can be medium size widely spaced.

3. Avoid skinny or fitted pants, as they will highlight the narrowness or lower body.

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Tops for Tubular Body Shape

Tops for Tubular Body Shape

Tubular Body Shape have straight body line, but they are petite. There are chances that people with this shape will have small bust.

Create a waist line and add volume to your tops. Stripes that are widely spaced, prints & patterns that add volume to the body, layered tops works very well.

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Tops for Triangular Body Shape


Triangular Body Shape have a narrower upper body hence the main trick is to balance the upper body with lower body.
Tops that add weight to the upper body will work well, like a wrap blouson, ruffled top, small to medium scale patterns widely spaced, breast pocket, embellishment on the shoulders.
Avoid very fitted tops that highlight the narrowness of the upper torso.
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