Blousons Vs Shirts


A blouson top is mostly a loose fitted top that may or may not cover the hips. It is not so tailored to a shirt, hence easily adaptable for various body types. Blouson can be various varieties and they were actually a replacement of shirts for women. Blouson is not very fitted by style, hence there is an ease to the wear unless you opt for the stylised version like a peplum blouson.

A shirt is a tailored top, with button opening at the front from collar to hem. Since it is tailored than a blouson, it has a restriction to wear for women with heavy bust/midriff variation. Shirts were traditionally part of men’s wardrobe, they started seeping into women’s wardrobe in 1950’s.

Both can be as formal or casual depending on the style, cut, color, finish, texture and print/pattern.

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Colour Contrast for Trouser & Tops


The above shirts and pants are same size, what I have done is changed the colour combination.

Lets look at the trousers, the black trousers will visually give a slimming effect because lighter colours expand and darker colours contrast. So if you are heavy from lower body like Triangular body shape / Round body shape / Large Rectangular body shape / Large Hourglass body shape shape

Same rule applies to the shirts. If you have a fuller bust or midriff variation opt for dark colour shirts (or blousons preffered)

A darker top / bottom will always reduce the size of that part of your body, its colour perception or as I like to call it Deceptive styling 🙂

Tops for Mommy-to-be

Tops for Mommy-to-be


This is my series post from a mom to mom-to-be.
Pregnancy brings about a lot of change emotionally and physically. Dont let those mood wings and hormones dictate what to wear.
Like i always say – what you wear will directly affect the way you feel, so dress glamorously.
1. Invest in tops that relaxed fit for the for the first and second trimester , and loose fit for the thrid trimester.
2. Check the fabrics, use weather friendly fabrics. For example for a hot and humid climate use more cottons and bit of blends.
3. Wrap tops & belted tops work very well for work as well for semi formal events
4. Simple blousons can be used for various ocassions from work to fun
5. Invest in fun prints, polka dot is the a staple piece for every mommy to be wardrobe.

Tops for Inverted Triangular Body Shape


As discussed here, Inverted Triangular body shape women have heavier and / broader upper body.


The trick is to use simple clean lines for tops/ shirts/blousons.
1. Invest in straight fits, wrap tops, prints that run along the top and not just highlighting the shoulders/chest.
2. Avoid wearing tops with wide necklines like a scoop neck or boat neck, this will highlight the broadness of shoulders.
3. If you love wearing off-shoulder tops, balance your body with straight/wide leg trouser
4. Cap /Short sleeves on tops will make your upper body look wider, opt for at least 3/4th sleeves.
5. High neck like a Chinese collar or turtleneck needs to be avoided if you have a heavy bust. A shortcut to this is if you wear Chinese collar than leave the few buttons open to create an illusion of V neckline.


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Tops for women with Heavy Bust



When you are heavy busted , make sure that the garments flow over your bust seamlessly.

Avoid turtle neck collars, cowl collars, or design details like buttons or any other design work which focuses the heavy bust.


Invest in Solid blousons where the fabric flows over the body, wear necklines which are a comfort fit and wear prints & patterns that run through out the top and not just bust area.

This is common in the case of Inverted Triangular body shape or Hourglass body shape


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