Jacket for Business Attire


For a tropical country like Singapore and a hot humid city like Mumbai, I knew my client had limitations when it came to adding layers to their outfits.
However, layers do add authority to your outfit as a whole. It’s not necessary to be in a heavy wool suit or for that matter even in a matched suit if your work does not demand you to be.
Jackets do add authority and nothing says powerful and serious like a third layer, so choose a stylised version of a peplum jacket or cape jacket or if you are the classic type of person than choosing regular lapel classics in black and grey. Various options to choose from,
Read more about types of jackets

Social Casual V/s Business Casual



Social casual events could be a birthday party, dinner at a friends place, etc… and business casual will be events that you attend with business colleagues, like an after office party or in some cases it can be a friday at work or in more relaxed office environment it could be a regular day at work.
Social events could have a bit of more skin show or fitted garments, becauee its a social event, the impression or image to be created is not of a serious worker but of fun and friendly nature. You can also experiment with bold accessories, shinnier fabrics, colourful contrasts for your outfit styling.
With business causal, although it is casual, it is still a buisness day or a buisness event. Your collegues will be there with you and although it does not mean that you have to be very formally dressed always but conservative dressing works when you are trying to create an image amongst office crowd. Opt for more classic cuts and styles, you can experiment with acessories or few colours to create your own unique personal style.

Personal – Social – Professional Attire



Everyone has a different lifestyle, even 2 people living in the same house will have a different lifestyle / the type of people they interact with .
But our lifestyles can be boradly classified under three sections.
  • Personal
  • Social
  • Professional

Depending on what we want to project or create a brand for ourselves we should dress accordingly.

Say for someone working in a bank / consulting firm where their role is more client facing, it is advisable to follow the Business formal wear guidelines.

The basic idea is we should seperate our Personal – Social – Professional attire, a bit of overlapping or mixing clothes is all right but if we dress the same everywhere than we are not projecting the right appropriate image.

Your own Image has various nuances to it, being appropriate to where you are going is one of the important aspects of dressing up.

When you audit your closet , seperate your outfits / clothes in these broad sections ans than evaluate what you have and what us missing for you to create an appropriate image for yourself.

Keep in mind, its not just the clothes, its the whole look / style that you evaluate. Your accessories and jewllery should also resonate with what type of image you are projecting.

Fedora for Fun

Fedora for Fun


Summers are here and my fedora is out. Generally my fedora is restricted to a picnic or a beach fun but this time am using it for my everyday commute and am wondering why did i not think about this earlier.
Use your denim and a lovely loose top and a fedora for your casual outings,  or wear your girl next door a line dress with a fedora for that chic look. Dont restrict it to just casual days, you have a brunch with your friends? or in my case had a meeting with a client, wear a lovely  straight fit skirt, loose top and a fedora to up the style game.
Since we want to highlight the fedora, keep your other accessories in sync and minimal, read about focal point to help you undwerstand this.

Vertical & Horizontal Stripes


How many time have you loved a clothing item but did not buy because it had Horizontal Stripes? Or how many time have you heard that Vertical stripes will make you look a size smaller… Am sure many a times.

When I train to be Image Consultants and discuss the importance of lines in dressing, this particular topic is like an Aha moment, a myth buster for so many.

Well, to break your bubble, it’s never about the type of stripes, it’s about the size & spacing of stripes.

Decoding the 4 paired images

1. Thick stripes & wide spacing – the stripes are thick and widely spaced, hence women with small bust and narrow shoulders will, in fact, benefit from this as it will give an illusion of width.

2. Medium stripes & wide spacing – The stripes here are medium in size and widely spaced. This works well with women on a petite frame and smaller bust.

3. Medium stripes & medium spaced – When you have medium stripes, medium spaced whether horizontal/vertical flatters all body shapes and types.

4. Thin stripes & narrow spacing – So if you are heavy busted or a large and upwards body frame, opt for medium to thin stripes with narrow spacing. This pattern will give an illusion of length even if its horizontal stripes.

So next time when you go shopping, don’t shy away from horizontal stripes 🙂

Do you have other such myths for diferent prints and patterns, head over here and read more on prints and patterns. 

3 basic ways to wear Culottes



Culottes are fun to wear in summers, monsoons, and winters. Basically, Culottes are not seasonal and it’s a myth that they are part of casual outfit only.

When teamed well, culottes can take you from day to night, from a casual event to a formal business wear as well.

The culottes look very intimidating because if not styled correctly, it is not forgiving.

Culottes work very well for small Triangular Body Shape, medium Rectangle Body Shape, Tubular Body Shape & Inverted Triangular Body Shape.

You can read on how to style your culottes for Short women & Tall women and quick tips on Style your culottes for 20 ocassions.